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The leaders of W.E.I.R.D. assemble.

W.E.I.R.D. is a global organization of evil. It is also the archnemesis of The League of Extraordinary People. Its name can be understood through the use of a simple acrostic:

W.E.I.R.D. is an association of
Evil Space Communists*,
Insane terrorists,
Rabid giantmutantspiders, and
Dangerous nuns.

The organization is run by a fearless, enigmatic man known only as Lloyd Harrelson.

* And no, we are not evil! -- a Communist Warrior.

Principal Members[edit]

Other Members of Lower Ranks[edit]

  • Jeff Shaara
  • Stavros Nachios III
  • Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
  • Tony Scott
  • Gijsbert van Frankenhuysen
  • Neville Chamberlain
  • David Koresh
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal

Evil Schemes[edit]

  • The Plot to Destroy the Moon
  • The Plan to Enslave the Venezuelans
  • The Scheme to Zombiefy the Transylvanians
  • The Plan to Bribe Congress
  • The plan to blow up the ocean
  • The Robotic Speaker of the House Initiative
  • Taking Candy from a Baby

Axis of Evil[edit]

Main article: League of Evil

In 2001 they joined the League of Evil and helped cause many bad things.

Quotes From Various Members of W.E.I.R.D.[edit]

  • "So the gallows is decorated with old Montezuma's Revenge buttons, why all the fuss?"
  • "Don't brutally kill the bird seal YET!"
  • "We told you again and again not to reprogram the hydrogen bomb."
  • "This is clearly a severe case of Deus ex machina."

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