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W/e is a very clever construction of symbols and letters, because it can be meant to symbolize hundreds of different ideas, letters and symbols. However, that is not the aim of this article, and I will now begin discussing the various methods of using cottage cheese to modify common computer speakers into immense beings of pure evil.

...Just kidding. Sorry, Sauron.

Use 1[edit]

W/e anagrams into ew/, which... really, doesn't... mean ...anything, but that's besides the point.

Use 2[edit]

When you look at W/e upside down, it looks like a/M. a/M, surprisingly, looks nothing like W/e upside down though. This has baffled the greatest scientific minds of all time, including Oscar Wilde (Not to be confused with Albert Frankenstien, who bears no linguistic resemblance but for some reason everyone gets the two confused) and Albert Frankenstien, who got together for tea and crumpets to solve the problem, but they never really figured out anything.

Use 3[edit]

There is no Use 3. This has also baffled the greatest scientific minds of all time, but unfortunately Oscar Bilde was out of crumpets at the time.

Use 4[edit]

W/e may stand for winter slash everywhere. This means absolutely nothing as well. Go eat some cottage cheese.

Use 5[edit]

W/e can stand for what slash ever, which is similar to saying "you can go stab yourself repeatedly with a marshmallow", and it's use should be limited due to the US's current stance on marshmallow abuse.

Use 6[edit]

W/e has nothing to do with watermelon, but it's in here anyways for inexplicable reasons. This has baffled the second greatest scientific minds of all time, including Nascar Bile (To be confused with Isaac Newt if at all possible, because everyone does it) and Isaac Newt, who invited each other over for muffins and english muffins. However, they both arrived at each other's houses at the same time and therefore nothing was accomplished, except that Isaac tripped over a cell of cottage cheese which fell through a wormhole into the beginning of time where it replicated on an unknown planet and created life as we know it.

Use 7[edit]

<I_use_internet_acryonyms>hi i hate u
<I_dont> kk
<I_use_internet_acryonyms>did u hear me i hate u
<I_dont> w/e
<I_might>i just had the funniest craving for cottage cheese...
<Radioactive_Hamster_From_Mars>Hey me tooo..............CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEE