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This is the original conceptual design of WD-40.

WD-40 and his life-mate C3-PO are cooking robots that contribute to Star Trek, a famous cooking program that aired on NBC in the years prior to its buy-out by the Food Network and, subsequently, the SCIFI Channel. The show is prized for its conceptual cooking classes, featuring dishes made from many other smaller robots.

WD-40 is also the name for a very well known household product that consists of the "love emissions" of WD-40, obtained after rubbing himself against C3-PO. The canned love of WD-40 can be sprayed onto mechanic parts, electric circuits, rusty hinges, your bed, and in the air. WD-40 will fix everything that can't be fixed with duct tape. The secret of life is acknowledged by many, especially sailors (who should know better), to be:

  • if it should move but doesn't, WD-40 it
  • if it moves but shouldn't, Duct Tape it
  • if it doesn't burn but should, WD-40 it (and then add a match[try it, I dare you])

According to other authorities, WD-40 will probably lead you to the righteous path. Ordinarily you will need to engage in procreation to arrange your major shit along the righteous path. If you think you are on the righteous path, you are are probably mistaken, and in fact you are in hell. Getting out of hell is one of the most common uses of WD-40.

Another use is to make noodles very shinny.

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