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WMMR is a hard rock radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, broadcasting at 93.3 MHz. The station is one of the most recognized rock music stations in the United States.

Beginning Of WMMR Broadcasting[edit]

In 1942, Private First Class Nathan R. Jessup was manning the radio transmitting station for the Naval Yard in South Philadelphia. He inadvertently left his transmit button engaged while listening to his favorite AM station and subsequently rebroadcast a song by Benny Goodman over the FM airwaves of Philadelphia. Although later convicted of military crimes for some conduct in Cuba, Jessup is largely considered the man who brought radio to Philadelphia. WMMR is thought to have been an acronym for "Want Money, Medals and Radio".

After The War[edit]

After the War in Taiwan, WMMR began to experiment with different kinds of music. The staff loved the idea of being "first" to broadcast a medium of music to the greater Philadelphia area, but once others followed course, they moved on. Thus WMMR was the first station to broadcast Blues, Progressive Jazz, Progressive Blue Jazz, Funky Blue Jazz, Rockabilly, Rockabye, Melodic Funkadelic, Rasta Country, Gong and Chime music, Salsa Rock, and finally settling on Rock and Roll some time around 1966.

The Rock Era Begins[edit]

WMMR's first rock DJ was Johnny "Dr." Sunshine. A drifter who bounced from town to town, he helped popularize the notion of the DJ as a wild and crazy person to whom the kids could relate. His morning show, entitled "Good Day Babies", was not as highly rated as they would have liked so the station released him shortly before his contract was up for renewal. He later roamed again from town to town before settling for some time in Cincinnati at another rock station. WMMR cycled through many DJs during the initial rock era including Dan "No Lips" Fredricks, Abe "Rabbi" Finklestein (a moniker copied by their current music director - lawsuit is pending), Jimmy "Soul Glow" Carter (actually went on to farm peanuts, then went into politics) and foreign-born Sumanda Kiss. However no one could find a permanent home at the station.

Enter Pierre[edit]

Having no success in hiring steady and popular rock DJs, WMMR set out upon an unprecedented experiment in rock radio. Two scientists, Pierre Goodat (pronounced Good-day) and Robert Mourning, were brought in to oversee a unique project. They decided to grow their own DJ from vegetable particles in a hydroponics laboratory. The resulting being became known as the "Goodat and Mourning" project, later changed to "Pierre Robert" for official records filed with the city. Upon first seeing the resulting child, many scientists simply exclaimed "Goodat and Mourning! It's alive!" The phrase stuck with the lad, and building upon those words he learned to speak.