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WWC stands for World Wrestling Carnage, or World Wrestling Crackers as it's referred to by it's "urban" viewers, seeing as there are no "urban" wrestlers, unless you count the robot...(you don't.) With possibly the lowest production values of anything on the entire planet, WWC still somehow finds success. Possibly due to shock value.

Tasteless Angles in the WWC[edit]

  • The Teen, Mark Corri, sits on the top of a building and uses a jack-off machine, which in turn rips off his penis. Both he and his penis fall off the building. His penis landing in a passer-by's grocery bag.
  • Sadistic Freak, Inferno, beats the living hell out of the only female wrestler and sets her on fire, making sure she's nothing more than a charred corpse.
  • Scotty 2 Hotty commits suicide after the WWC's Reunion show due to depression. Too bad WWC came back full time two weeks later.
  • The Giant, on his way from another wrestling federation, dies in a train wreck that decapitates him on live television.
  • Red Register, former hero of the pathetically defunct WWA, goes to WWC only to get beat to shit every week by even the weakest of the WWC roster. Register would eventually be locked in a small box for the rest of his life, left to drown in his own feces.

WWC Roster, Past and Present...but not Future, Fuck Future[edit]

  • One Hearght - Starchild of the WWC. He skyrocketed to the top with his retardedly athletic abilities...until he got decapitated, that is. He somehow came back to life with a new head, and quickly became a drunk wife/child beater. He was rumored to have kicked a child six feet away simply for asking to take a picture with him. Also known as Cash Watson for some reason.
  • The Teen, Mark Corri - The Original Starchild of the WWC. Had his penis ripped off and fell off a building within the same minute. He lost his leg during a deathmatch, but continued wrestling and being athletic. Somehow, Mark did a moonsault off of a 75 story building but landed on his feet unharmed. He would go on to perform quite possibly the gayest gimmick in the entire history of the WWC, the Tim Drake Band. His real name was Tim Drake, but for some dumb reason he made his way around the WWC calling himself Mark Corri. After the WWC split, he was nowhere to be found. He is presumed dead, or washed up. His son attempted to carry on the legacy but is finding a hard time.
  • The Actual Teen, Matt Drake - Matt Drake is the son of Deceased or Washed Up Mark Corri. Instantly losing his arm in the WWC, he lost all chance of ever becoming successful, atleast according to analysts. Has a running feud with Todd Draper, who's supposed to be a janitor or something dumb.
  • Red Register - Whipping boy of the WWC. He was a former WWA All Star, whatever that means, but quickly jumped ship to the WWC after being asked to perform another "Behind Closed Doors" Match. Making the worst decision of his entire life, Register instantly became the object of every WWC wrestlers rage, boredom, and sometimes lust. They beat the living hell out of him for fun, and eventually got bored so they locked him in a small box where they would insert small amounts of food and water, leaving him to drown in his own urine and feces.
  • Inferno - Not much is known about Inferno, besides the fact that he clearly hates women after requesting a "First Person on Fire" match against the WWC's only female wrestler. He beat the hell out of her for an hour straight, then drug her outside by her hair, broke her legs and tossed her into a giant pit, which he filled with gasoline and lit on fire. Needless to say, he won the match.
  • Dirty, Clean and Tito Sanchez -
"Wait, are they all twins? Triplets? They all look alike to me." 

- Ray Charles on the Sanchez Brothers.

Not much is known about them, probably because nobody cares enough to dig deep to find out about them. Dirty Sanchez was found in a alley, all dirty and covered in shit, hence his name. They're basically disgusting human beings, even the clean one. Avoid seeing, smelling, touching and especially tasting at all costs.

Disgusting Comments By WWC CEO[edit]

  • "I got toe rings for xmas."
  • "My feet smell like soup."