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“Leggo my Eggo!”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Wafflecopter

“There's mothafuckin' waffles on this mothafuckin' helicopter!”

~ Samuel L. Jackson on The Wafflecopter

“I have had it with these motherfucking waffles on this motherfucking helicopter!”

~ Samuel L. Jackson on The Wafflecopter
A photograph of The Wafflecopter.

The Wafflecopter is a helicopter with a waffle in it. First and foremost, the wafflecopter is the most influential invention EVER. People can see the waffle when the wafflecopter goes by a person's house. In 1348, a tragic accident happened. The wafflecopter crashed into a horse. The waffle was disturbed. Rescue workers quickly placed the waffle back in its seat, and the wafflecopter was sent on its way. The horse died. Waffle Waffle. Yay.

By its other name, Waffles on a Helicopter, it is a lesser known prequel to the movie Snakes On A Plane.

da Vinci's famous work, the Jemima Lisa


The Wafflecopter was the love child of Leonardo da Vinci and Aunt Jemima, who gave birth to it in an IHOP in the middle of Kentuckistan in early 1968. The wafflecopter proceeded to make appearances during random portions of time (Titanic, Pompeii, the Blitz). After the MC Hammer incident, a search and rescue mission was launched to find The Wafflecopter, but they did not succeed. No news has been heard of since. It it believed that it may have been abducted by aliens.

It is commonly accepted that there can be only one true Wafflecopter, which is referred to as "The Wafflecopter". It cannot be mistaken; it is the only true copter with a waffle in it. So don't think you can just put a waffle in a helicopter , it will not be referred to as "the" or even "a" wafflecopter.


Elmur Fudd was one day hun my face

ing wabbit when he actually caught something. It said that it would grant him one wish. You see, Fudd was a big nerd and when we wasn't hunting he was playing MMORPGs in his moms basement. We was an uber-n00b and was always pwned by the 1337. He had heard legends about roflcopters and how they killed everyone by making them laugh. it would help him in hunting and in his games. Death by laughter seemed appealing to him. He asked for a Roflcopter but due to his speech impediment it came out as "wafflecopter". So, the animal granted him this and ran away. And so the wafflecopter was born!!!!!!!



  • The first reported Wafflecopter sighting occurred during the Mesozoic era (specifically the Jurassic period), and is purported to have been by the french.
  • The Wafflecopter was then spotted again during the early Cretaceous period trying to halt the separation of Gondwana, as there was an IHOP located on one of the fault lines.


  • After the IHOP fiasco of the Cretaceous period, The Wafflecopter seemed to have disappeared entirely from the public eye. However, it returned while the Maccabees fought against the Greeks, and secretely provided syrup so that the candles would continue to burn for all 8 nights.
MC Hammer on The Waffle Copter


  • The Wafflecopter played a major role in the US defeat of the Canadians during the Great Maple Syrup Wars of 1901-1906.
  • In the mid 1960s Europe was looking for a faster way across the Atlantic. In a bid to do so tge French designed an aircraft which was essentially a Wafflecopter. However, they opted for the Concord model.
  • In 1990, MC Hammer was spotted riding The Wafflecopter, as pictured to the right. While it appears that the blades of the copter would dismember MC Hammer, they in fact did not, as it is well known that "U Can't Touch This". This phenomenon actually resulted in the Waffle Copter crashing moments after this picture was taken. The waffle was seriously injured.


  • It is believed that by 2059, the Wafflecopter will be the world's primary mode of transportation.
The Decepticon Blackout from Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS, cleverly disguised as a Wafflecopter.

Syrup Capacitor[edit]

The Syrup Capacitor was installed into The Wafflecopter by MC Hammer not long after he caused the crash. The purpose of the Syrup Capacitor is to turn The Wafflecopter into a time machine, so that the Hammer could go back in time, and prevent himself from crashing the copter. The Syrup Capacitor is basically the same thing as a Flux Capacitor, however it doesn't actually work. It is suspected that this is due in large part to the Wafflecopter's lack of being a De Lorean.

Guide on building a working Wafflecopter[edit]

The Wafflecopter is an intricate piece of mechanics and therefore the building of such a machine should not be attempted by noobs, people who have heart conditions, people who are lonely and about to become lonely.

Side effects of assembling the Syrup Capacitor without the necessary training and equipment are numerous and too lengthy to add into this guide. Apart from all that - Good luck!

1:Gather the following equipment - 1tonne waffle mixture, 1 industrial food processor, 2 Wafflecoper molds, 3 egg whites and a small child

2:Separate the egg whites from the yolk and whisk until light and feathery, fold in the waffle mixture and mix for 30 mins in your food processor.

3:It's best to pick your small child when he/she is ripe. What?! You though I was going to add the small child to the mixture? Shame on you <insert name here>! Pour the mixture in the molds and cook for 50-60 minutes until golden brown.

4:Now get your small child to draw some warpaint on the side of the Wafflecopter, so it's ready to be appreciated by all.

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