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There is he! Stay away from him or he will bite you!

“Argh, that thing bites!”

~ A pickpocket about the Wal'NTlet

The Wal'NTlet is a new generation of save shopping without that your wallet is stolen by pickpockets. The Wal'NTlet is a wallet in the form of an animal and will protect your money, credit cards and all your other stuff.

How to use the Wal'NTlet[edit]

The Wal'NTlet is easy to use. He or she will listen only to your voice en the Wal'NTlet can be very nice...if you will be nice against him of her too. If you go shop of going to buy something, you have to put the Wal'NTlet with is mouth in front into your pocket. That's safer because if you grab the Wal'NTlet and the mouth is on the other side, then the Wal'NTlet will bite it. He/she doesn't know from who that hand is and then it can be dangerous. You can do it on that way, but your have the call his of her name first so the Wal'NTlet knows then that his or her holder will grab him/her. If a pickpocket steals the Wal'NTlet because the Wal'NTlet is with his/her mouth in front of the pocket, then screams the Wal'NTlet extremely loud like: GRAAARARRARAAAAARAARGH! And tries to bite the pickpocket. The Wal'NTlet will be so aggressive that the Wal'NTlet will be six times stronger than he/she first was. If you want to get your money of whatever what, you have to call the Wal'NTlet to open his mouth and do nothing. To give him/her a save feeling that it is all OK, will increase the safety of you and the relationship of the Wal'NTlet with you too.

Grues and Wal'NTlets[edit]

A Grue is in a far past surprisingly a family member of the Wal'NTlet. You didn't knew that before don't you? The aggressivity of the Wal'NTlet came really from the Grue. But Grues are always hungry and eat always people like you and the Wal'NTlet doesn't eat much and will never eat his holder. Like cats, dogs and chickens the Wal'NTlet can be your best friend. A Grue can never be your best friend...however, no. Not.

Wal'NTlet war[edit]

What the heck is that guy doing here?!

Wal'NTlets are wallets who always are prepared if an pickpocket will catch him/her. Now the Wal'NTlet is getting bored and then they will not attack not so fast anymore. The Wal'NTlet is most of the time stolen when the Wal'NTlet was asleep. In July 2007 nearby a house in Canada (city unknown) were more then 200 Wal'NTlets kept in a room underground, all stolen by one person: you (CENSORED!). When that person came in the room to give them food became the Wal'NTlets angry as the devil (however he is not so angry) and they let the whole house collapse. Several people were watching this and they saw a man who is getting totally ripped by the Wal'NTlets! Every bone with his fl... (CENSORED!) The army has to grab in and they were going to fight against the Wal'NTlets. <ding, round one!> A blood river came across the street from the soldiers and Wal'NTlets. <ding, roPUNCH! KAPOW! BAM!uwnd twuuuhw> Now came the police and they came with a water cannon that blowed the Wal'NTlets away. They were all dead and everyone wad no words for it. Just like mister K.:"............". That next day it was a day like no other day if there was nothing happened!

Wal'NTlet breeds[edit]

Also like nearly every animal, the Wal'NTlet has also more breeds. Here is a list with all the popular breeds of the Wal'NTlet.

  • The American Wal'NTlet.
  • The Canadian Wal'NTlet.
  • The Dutch Wal'NTlet.
  • The Russian Wal'NTlet In Soviet Russia, Wal'NTlet bites YOU!!
  • The AAAAAAAAA Wal'NTlet Understands only AAAAAAAAA!
  • The ZZZZZ Wal'NTlet Very lazy and bites not very much
  • The GRAAAUAAAUAUAUAARAARGH Wal'NTlet vèèèèry dangerous. Only for the real Wal'NTlettrainers. Just like pokémons...

Where to get a Wal'NTlet[edit]

You can get a Wal'NTlet by your nearest pet shop or in the WalMart in the super safe cages. If you buy a Wal'NTlet, you have to make sure that the Wal'NTlet also likes you a little bit or very much. But you have to look out that other Wal'NTlets will attack your Wal'NTlet.

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The Wal'NTlet is a wallet in the form of an animal and will protect your money, credit cards and all your other stuff.