Wal-Mart Monster

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He takes what he wants and sells it for less. K-Mart, Target, and Big Lots don't stand a chance.

Wal-Mart Monster hates [[User: Hinoa]], just like everyone else

The Beginning of a Legend[edit]

Wal-Mart Monster in a pre-silk cap stage.

Wal-Mart Monster was created when four Chinese laborors and a wealthy executive combined their powers into one supreme being. Wal-Mart Monster!!! The Chinese laborers, Ching, Ping, Ling, and Bing-dao, have the powers of working for less, job stealing, not speaking English, and the ability to fly, respectively. The wealthy executive, Martha Rockafeller, contributed the power of extreme greed. There must have been some magic in that old silk cap they found, for when they placed it on a pile of old carboard boxes, it began to destroy the Amerikan economy.

His Rise To Power[edit]

Martha the barbarian's sole mission is to undermine the Amerikan economy.

Once Wal-Mart Monster was created he quickly destroyed every major store chain in the world. Wal-Mart Monster's first appearance in Amerika was when it was hiding in a crate of bananas on a Chinese cargo ship. Wal-Mart Monster quickly attacked supercenter K-Mart. By using it's extreme powers Wal-Mart Monster was able to take what he wanted from the oblivious K-Mart, and sell it for much less. Martha Stewart the barbarian's main goal was finaly being fulfilled!