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Walter Scott (alias Scatty) was a noted XIXth century author. Well known for his pornografic poetic-dramas, "Waverly Pube" and "Ivan-Ho" are considered his greatest works.

Walter Scott was born in 1799 in St. Helens, England as a son of glass worker and night club dancer. Raised in a barn, he developed his imagination to unprecedented proportions. After his fathers death in 1706 he was moved to his grandmother in Scotland. Shortly after he got involved in anti-pierestroyka guerilla warfare. He started with hand grenade production and only years later moved on to barrel rolling.

While pouring goatshit mixed with gunpowder into empty cans he found his mind wondering off to different times and places. Having his hands busy he learnt how to write with his left foot. Starting of with prophetic short stories of Stalins sex life he mastered the art of literacy and concentrated on rhymed poetic dramas.

His works[edit]