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History of wang[edit]


Wang soup is the amazing soup that was created by the oriental Tony Wang. It includes fresh cow meat that are shaped into balls. The main part of the soup are delicious noodles that is made of real white man skin. Tony Wang's tasty wang soup was a secret orient secret that was kept secret until the white men did a "Da Vinci Code" on the secret and stole Tony's secret special secret recipe and took it over to the land of the dominant white man land (a.k.a Greenbay Wisconsin).

Wang today[edit]

Wang soup today is now a popular white man's food. Most agree that it's meaty and tangy flavor is truly a orgasmic experience that all oxygen breathers must indulge, except the Canadians. Other nice variations include the "black" wang and the "yellowish" wang. In some poor countries, such as Canada, their only variation of Wang includes a spray of Norwegen crabs. On special occasion the retreating croissant variant of wang is also included in some "non American" countries such as France and Canada. In other parts of the world, mostly Toronto,they lack the need for wang, so their wangs are nonexistant and overall a dissatisfying experience.

How to make your own wang.[edit]

You are half way there to have a nice pile of human skin.
  • Go and slice off your white or black friend's spinal column with an axe (so they wouldn't squirm from the pain) after that you should then slowly take off their skin with a knife (or butter knife), they don't have to be dead. Infact your friend can help out the process by also taking some of his skin off with a knife (or butter knife). After you gathered all the skin, cook it up into the oven. Two hours later you should have nice tasty noodles ready to be thrown in boiling water.
  • Now using the same axe you had before, go find a cow, and cut it up.
  • Now put the noodles and cow meat into the water, and there you go! You now created your own wang.

Criticisms on Wang[edit]

Critics of Wang state that skinning real people for the use of their skin is cannibalism, George Bush lashed back by calling them "terrorists" and saying "If they stop our rights to eat wang, then the terrorists have won" and then calling an "all out war" on Arabia, even though they have nothing to do with the situation, nor is Arabia a country or continent.

Where does the mass market get all this wang from?[edit]

Well some countries (like America) does not like to use their own flesh and blood to make wang soup. Thats why America took over Canada, Mexico and, Asia. All of this for wang material. Africa will soon also be taken over to suffice the black wang demand.

Celebrities love to chew on wang[edit]

"I tried all kinds of wang in my life.Some wang tasted bad, while others were quite chewy. I tried some small wangs and some large wangs. I even once tried a black wang, it was quite interesting.."

Chewing on wang is currently the new fad in Hollywood. See it yourself from these wang loving celebs.

  • “It's great to start a day with a mouth full of wang!”

    ~ Christopher Robin on His love for wang
  • “MMM...does these wangs come in a little kids meal?”

    ~ Michael Jackson on The smaller the wang the better
  • “That's hot”

    ~ Paris Hilton on The hotness of wang

Recent News on wang[edit]

  • A recent spread of E.Coli caused a county wide panic in the State of Wisconsin realizing that their inhuman indulgence of spinach has horrifically shrunk their wangs, upon further notice, their wangs were small anyways.
  • Recently Kayne West lashed at George "Dubya" Bush for not enforcing a law that forces retailers to sell black wang equally with white wang, stating "George Bush doesn't care about my black wang." and calling him the "kkk of the wang world". Retailers complain that the ingredients for black wang is hard to extract because "all these black dudes gives us this "Our ancestors were slaves" bullshit speech."
  • In an act to get his approval ratings up, George Bush has showed a comprehensive guide on how America will take over Africa in 2007 in "Operation Black Wang Extraction".

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