War of the Noodles

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“Go Meatballists!

~ Tamia
FSM reformists Attack Boyardean Sectists in Noodle-Making Craft.

The War of the Noodles (1518-1542) is the name generally given to the intermittent civil war fought over the doctrine of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Rooted in the Heresy of Marinara, the new doctrine of Chef Boyardee removed Meatballs from the Holy Noodle Ceremony, replacing it with Marinara sauce. The Meatballists soon tore away from the Church, swearing allegiance to the Reformed Church of Alfredo. Soon the two factions were at war.

The Wars were fought largely by armies of noodle-armed knights and other simpletons. Favored weapons of the Meatballists were ten-foot meatballs launched via trebuchet, while the tactic of the Boyerdeans was to dump boiling Marinara onto the unsuspecting heads of the Meatballists.

The war ended upon the death of Chef Boyardee in 1542.