War of the Talk Show Hosts

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Of all the wars that the Earth has experienced, none were as destructive as this one. Lasting for only a year, The War of the Talk Show Hosts wreaked havoc on the entire planet and beyond. It all began in 2005, on a bright summer day...

George Bush's presidential term was almost up, but he had come up with a list of objectives which he planned to executed in order to prolong his presidency. First he wrote many new policies, most of which favoured the terminally ill. He got great support but most of them died before election day. He then moved on to increase taxes on the rich citizens of the USO hoping to earn the respect of the homeless, but that plan failed too. He continued to lose respect while in office until one fateful day.

George had ordered his two sons, George and George, to bomb China several months before, but they were delayed due to map and compass malfunctions. However, they eventually found Asia and dropped a total of nine nukes. They returned to the USO only to find that they had accidentally bombed Vietnam instead. This mistake would soon start two wars: The Vietnam War and, of course, The War of the Talk Show Hosts.

When word of the Bush Family's mistake got out, the citizens were furious. They immediately began to protest against the president and rallied for his impeachment. Some citizens, however, sided with the president saying Vietnam was evil and that they were harbouring Happymen and Mongolian Nomads. Among these supporters of the president, were many US citizens, but were mostly from Texas. They consisted of Honkeys, Latinos, Neanderthals, and

CIA WARNING: Now that you know this, we shall have to kill you.