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Don't they look like crucified thief's?

Sir Warren of Zevon (1456-1234), was a singer-songwriter, poet, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist,alter-boy, Professor of domestic violence, psychopathic fuck-head, homicidal maniac and humorist who, during his lifetime was constantly in the public eye for his intimate relationship with sandwiches. Though mainly a cult success, His royal honoree enjoyed recognition from some of the most notable songwriters around. He also was the biological mother, for he had a brief sex change, of Paul Shaffer's son.

He was also insomniac. He was noted for his irregular level of dependence on his father.

His very clean and hygienic (in the most sentimental of ways) life and times[edit]

Things that don't fit into the section below[edit]

Warren was born in William,Zevon on the 24th of the first month of the year. From an early age is action were indisputably eccentric and abnormal. Warren developed a rash on his chest, contrary to one that one, in the medical profession or indeed any profession would consider benign. After being examined by a doctor it was advised that his mother should rub a pot roast on him, as this would have a healing affect. Though the rash did indeed go away this incident, according to some of his most acquainted friends, was the one that caused the boy Warren to develop his excitable attitude towards life.

Soon, after releasing an unsuccessful debut album, His royally honored Warren of Zevon went to Spain, where he would play night after night in bars, most of which were filled with nuts, receiving little or no recognition, eventually coming to the attention of President Browne, who resided in Jackson, Warren released a follow up to his debut.

Warren was noted for his beautiful hair and most elegant manner. The latter of these features was bought about by his good dress sense, or to but it more precisely, his good clothes-maker, who I personally would like to meet.

Phobias, Doctors and cancer (Letterman get me out of this)[edit]

Warren was scared out of his empty coffee cups of doctors. After taking a trip to "St Gower' dental practitioners avenue " his doctor looked away down his teeth and advised him to go and see a doctor, after doing so, the most prolific citizen of Zevon was told that it was nearly time for him to sleep.

Warren set about recording a final album with some close friends of his to help out, he eventually died after a short nap, he is due to be cannonised in AD 2345 By Pope 9 the 11th.