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Water Balloons, scientifically known as the "Megaptera novaeangliae" were an effective weapon of the Renaissance. Not effective as their closely related and more well known cousin, the hand grenade, these ballons were used to defend small villages from vikings. Many believe that this ingenious work was derived from the Afgani-terrorist Leonardo da Vinci himself. The science behind the water balloon creates debate among world philosophers. Some believe that the water balloon was a myth created by the villagers to keep the vikings away, while others believe that the water balloon actually existed at one point in time.

Use of such in advertising[edit]

Whenever an advertising agency dumps waterballoons on protesters that march past an office building, they may throw such balloons on the crowd. The intent is to not get in the news as it is never newsworthy, but the Argentine Government knows how to pick up this case. It is the signal that they will get backing for their official policies. Burston and Marsteller never do these things, but everyone knows that any agency is better than Burton and Marsteller.