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Although often mistaken as just another given name, Wayne is actually a royal title, similar to King or Emperor, only higher. For example, 'Wayne Johnson' is not a first and last name, but a title and name. It indicates that Johnson is a 'Wayne'.

Powers and Responsibilities of a Wayne[edit]

Those few Waynes who realize their actual role in society weld great power over the rest of humanity. Their position allows them to act capriciously without fear of retribution. They may take whatever they want, be it office supplies or their manager's office. Their commands must be obeyed and they cannot be fired or downsized. They may misuse grammar and misspell words without fear of correction.

Parents considering naming their child a 'Wayne' should first consider the grave consequences of their decision. Few are capable of handling the great burden of being a Wayne.

Wayne as a Last Name[edit]

Having Wayne as a last name has some power, but does not confer on the bearer the title of 'Wayne'. Examples of people with a last name of Wayne who have made good use of their 'Wayneness" are John Wayne and Bruce Wayne.

Waynes and the NRV Tag[edit]

Chief among the powers and responsibilities of a Wayne is the immunity to NRV tags. NRV stands for "No Redeeming Value" and is used by editors of Uncyclopedia to mark articles which they believe have no redeeming value. Just as this gives the editors a certain power over the mass of Uncyclopedia writers, and with it an added responsibility, a Wayne's immunity gives him a certain power which he must use responsibly. Note to the editors: In case you did not notice it, this article, written by a Wayne, is an example of using that power responsibly.