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“stares mindlessly(silence)”

~ Weegee on himself

“his power levels are over 900000 ”

~ Vegeta on Weegee

weegeee was born by accident.(1991)when mama luigi was trying to clone himself from is penis and magic spaghetti weegee was born.weeegee is a very deformed evil clone of mama luigi.he is much more powerful however.he can kill people juset by staring at them and can make people his slaves.

Powers and creation[edit]

Althouhg weegee cant talk he does have super powers.he maily does this by staring.he has the power to hypnotize,shoot lighting and lift objects from the air telepathically.when Vegeta checked his scouter to see weegees power levels, he was schocked.his levels were over 10001032340304230402384230823023802384028042380402348203.

Weegee was born when the evil mama luigi was attempting to create an evil clone to carry out evil.mama decided to chop off his dick,mix it with champaine,toothpaste,spaghetti and breast milk from Princess Peach and was able to create the ultimate weapon.Weegee was first in the game mario is missing in 1991 when bowser was capturing mario to turn him into his sex toy and have a super gay homosexual sleepover with 500 men.weegee hates gays because he is a big bigot so he went and shot laser beams into bowser which sent him to his coney island disco palace.Weegee is highly deformed however.His appearence is so horrifying that you will turn into [[O.J Simpson] when you stare directly at him.To prevent this,you must turn yuro eyeballs into taosters so you will be protected from his evil sight.Weegee is equally evil like his creator mama luigi.


Weegee had a normal childhood like most people.when weegee was a child he had problems fitting in with the other children.His stares were super powerful.He accidenly blew up a kid's head by staring at him.the teacher sent weegee home because of thise and he never went back to school again.He has the intelligent of a plant and could never pass kindergarden.he woudnt speak up in class or do any math problems.he would just mindlessly stare and do nothing.even though he was a human vegetable, he was powerful.

He didnt need to think to use his powers.He would just do it by instinct when someone was too close to him or stared back at him.Weegee had a magic bagel inside of him that carried out body functions and chose which power to use.the bagel did all of weegeees thinking.weegee had no brain.When weegee became a man mama luigi used him for various purposes.He made weegee an ultimate combat machine that will randomly kill people on the street and eat thier penises.when weegee eats too many penises he will explode.Weegee cannot die though.He is indestructable.His body parts will magically come back together.If you shoot him 50 times with a machine gun he would instantly reanimate himself.His body would heal the wounds within 2 seconds.

Mama Luigi also uses weegee to brainwash people on YOUTUBE THERE are millions of weegee vids on youtube.Sometimes, weegee would appear in random videos such as slipnknot music vidoes.People would forget what they were watching and just stare at weegee and do his bidding.Weegee would hypnotize people into commiting suicide.millions of people died because of this.

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