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Japanese name Secret Asian Man
Stage White and Nerdy
Evolves to WeirdAlomealeon
Generation First
Species Nerd Pokémon
Type White/Nerdy
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 120 lb
Ability Ride on a segway
Next Pokemon Charmillionaire
Previous Pokemon Venusaur

“This Pokémon revolutionized the musical parody industry and shook people to the core with his indescribable lyrics.”

~ Pokédex entry on WeirdAloman

“Finally, a pokemon I can relate to!”

~ Max (Pokemon) on WeirdAloman

WeirdAloman is one of 200,094 species of Pokémon creatures from the multi-zillion dollar franchise. WeirdAloman does not occur in pokemon naturally, though, because it is not a legit pokemon but instead a hack. It is a hack of the pokemon "Charmillionaire."

The only known person to ever capture a WeirdAloman, is deceased pokémon trainer Professor Oak. When asked about the subject, WeirdAloman is known to have answered "He's pretty fly for a rabbi."


  • WeirdAloman are scrawny, pale bipedal lizards with a flame burning at the tips of their tails. They don't have grills, but they all have braces. WeirdAloman typically converse in either javascript or Klingon.
  • By checking the size of its flame: a healthy WeirdAloman will have a bright flame burning at the end of its tail; in the same vein, extinguishing such a flame will surely kill it.
  • By checking the amount of friends on its Myspace account: similarly, a healthy WeirdAloman will have many myspace friends, while a sickly one is more likely to have friends IRL.


WeirdAloman have several well known and loved attacks. Here is a list of the current known attacks and effects:

  • Computer Radiation Attack: Deals 20-50 nerd damage, 25% chance of gender change on hit
  • Run with Sciscors: This is a very dangerous move. It has a 50% chance of instantly killing Weird Aloman, and a 50% chance of killing the opponent. this is a one hit ko move which nothing is immune to and it always hits.
  • Forcefeed Saurkraut: Deals 25 vegetable damage. 42% chance poison
  • Parody: Copies opponents last move, but converts damage to "Nerd" type, and adds 75% chance of making opponent laugh
  • Do math problems: lowers WeirdAloman's Attack and Defense stats, but has an 80% chance of confusing the opponent
  • Monologue: puts the opponent to sleep
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