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A photograph of the original Werevampninzombiebot, taken by one of the few living witnesses. Here he is participating in his favorite activity, destroying Pirate City.


The Werevampninzombiebot first originated in A.D. 2101, when war was begining. It was created in Amsterdam, Oklahoma by Dr. Owl O'Rly. Good was on the verge of losing to McDonalds and needed to use their ace-in-the-hole. So they called upon Dr. O'Rly to create a weapon of mass destruction. Dr. O'Rly was not up to the task, and instead created that we know today as the Werevampninzombiebot. However, in his attempt to save his ass from the creditors the "Good" government sent after him, his experiment broke loose and went on a rampage.

Six years passed and the terror of the Werevampninzombiebot continued to ravage the Earth. As it continued to assimilate other species, its attempts were thwarted by one man: Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris did battle with the Werevampninzombiebot in the underwater city of Atlantis on September 6, 2107. It was a feirce battle, but Norris had the advantage: Pure Awesome. Norris used his power of "Pure Awesome" to turn night to day, thus rendering the Werevampninzombiebot into a normal Ninjabot. He then proceeded to

     "Kung-fu his ass!"
                  - Jim, onlooker
     Quote: "He pulled out its skull and beat it to death with it!"
                  - Pencil turtles living in Atlantis

until it was defeated (If you want video footage of this battle, contact Evil Pizza). Some people deny that the Werevampninzombiebot ever existed. However, historical evidence proves they're really, REALLY stupid.

Future Werevampninzombiebots[edit]

Much like the bite of the Vampire, the Ninja, the Zombie, or George Bush, the bite of the Werevampninzombiebot creates more creatures like it, and it bit many, many things. Before the death of the original, they served as its slave army, hunting down pirates, government officials, and anyone who says anything bad about him, but they regained free will after the original's death. To avoid the wrath of Chuck Norris, they rely on their ninja skillz to become completely unnoticeable. They are now believed to be living on the moon, where their constant state of transformation grants them ultimate power. They still return to earth on a regular basis to mess with people, and generally flip out and kill people.

Many famous people, such as the preserved brain of Bill Gates, Mr. T, and Ninja Jesus are believed to be werevampninzombiebots, however no one can be certain, as all Werevampninzombiebots are masters of disguise. Many secret Werevampninzombiebots are rumored to be among the population, and some of the more likely candidates are people who aren't seen very often, anyone loitering around fast food resturaunts, the population of Finland, and flying squirrels.

How to Kill Them[edit]

There is one sure way to kill a Werevampninzombiebot which was discovered when Conan O'brien went to Finland. The Werevampninzombiebots are deathly allergic to Conan O'brien's hair. When he went to Finland his hair wiped out almost all of the population, surprisingly only five people from Finland were actually Human.