West Island (Montreal)

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Montréal's West Island[edit]

The "West Island" is the name given to the outcast colony that has been established on, surprisingly enough, the west end of the Most Hallowed and Honoured island of Montréal, Québec.

Established in the year of Our Lord 1337 as a place for Koivu the Great to send the degenerates, unmanly and the anglos to suffer the eternal torment of their own presence. Walled off from the the rest of the island of Montréal at the 46th parallel with a 30 foot high wall complete with razor wire and sniper towers, it is an awe inspiring site to behold and has yet to be breached by the pathetic heathens it protects the glorious island of Montréal from.


Originally nothing more than a collection of English speaking peasant villages, it was often visted by the infamous Trogdor the Burninator; he felt it was beneath him to burninate them. The West Island changed little over the next few centuries that followed its founding except for the fact that increasingly better walls had to be built to hold back the anglos who's population grew out of control as their lack of moral decency made it that they bred like rabbits.