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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Classy?

“What school is this”

~ Tamia



Ever walked into a class and wondered, when the fuck did I sign up for Advanced Non-linear Trigonometric Euclidean Differential Matricies? Then you wake up and realize... I should stop sleeping through Introduction to Non-linear Trigonometric Euclidean Differential Matricies... What day is it? Does it matter, in the real scheme of things? Is there a class for that too? Ooooh, the humanity...

This very scenario, and a chronic lack of Kleenex, are the inspirations for the traditional English ballad "Greensleeves":

What class is this?
When I laid to rest,
It was Beginner Public Speaking.
The students changed, the professor's strange
And that is why I'm freaking!
This, this is Non-linear Trigonometric Differential Matricies
Where minds are blown and brains do freeze
Haste, Haste to leave this room before the professor sees you!