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The Whatchamacallit.

The whatchamacallit is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Few things surpass its ingenuity. The main functions of a whatchamacallit include doing this, doing that, and doing this and that, as well as those, and the other. It can also make those things, and clean your thingy.

The Invention of the Whatchamacallit[edit]

A portrait of Whatsisfaysse

In the year 19 eleventy somethings, a man named Sir George C. Whatsisfaysse invented the whatchamacallit after striving to create a machine that did something. The Whatchamacallit was made by mixing up that thing and some stuff and other things, and assembling it in a manner which showed off something. This made that him happy as he liked that thing. Whatsisfaysse showed it to a friend who thought that it was easier to use than the Thingie. Sir W. opened the first whatchamacallit factory in 198π. The factory made whatchamacllits on a mass scale, using those machines to quickly and easily make millions of whatchamacallits and sell them in that place.

The Early Days[edit]

After first going on the shelvey things, the whatchamacallit quickly outsold the competition including the thingamabaob, the doohicky, and of course, the thingy. Other versions of it appeared, including whatchamacallit2, whatchamacallit mini, and of course, the iWhatchamacallit.

The whatchamacallit controversy[edit]

Sales of this invention declined after many incidents where people used it to do some kind of inappropriate things to their pet somethings. Luckily, that activist group, headed by John Whosisguy, was able to modify the whatchamacallit to be more something.

The Whatchamacallit Today[edit]

Today, the whatchamacallit is rarely seen due to a massive recall in which several people who used it were suspiciously eaten by a cat disappeared. The investigation continues even today. Whatsisfaysse must have been spinning in his grave. Well, not exactly, seeing as he was dead, how could a dead person spin? Unless... he was a ZOMBIE!! in which case, he is above the law of mortals, and speeds without care.

The later life of whatsisfaysse[edit]

Whatsisfaysse became rich from selling the whatchamacallit, and retired at the age of fiftysomething, he then lived in his mansion in thatplace until he was sent to a retirement home in wherewasitagain, he died in, um, i'm not sure actually, but then he was buried in the cemetry of oldpeoplewhodied and forgotten about by everyone exept whatchamacallit fanboys.

Continuation, Competition and Convolution[edit]

The government and justice branch were eventually bought out and the Whatchamacallit v.3 Ultra! continued but new competitors like the dooamabob X (thingamabaob and doohicky united merged) and the Thingie 2000U were major competitors. The iWhatchamacallit was sued by apple and the uWhatchamacallit took its place, the whatchamacallit mini evolved to the whatchamacallit nano and pico which, incidentally, merged with... Oh, Fuck it.

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