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A round of Wheel of Fortune containing a subliminal message for its contestants.

“W-eel -f F-rtune? T-at s--w was dev-sed for -d--ts.”

~ Merv Griffin on Wheel of Fortune

“May I buy a vowel?”

~ Captain Oblivious on the previous quote

“I'd like to vo-el all over Vanna -hite!”

~ Pat Sajak on Vanna White

“In Soviet Russia, the wheel spins YOU!”

~ Russia on The Wheel of Fortune

“May I solve the puzzle? Is it "Madonna"?”

~ Pamela Anderson on the puzzle "-BR-H-M L-NC-LN" and the category "Famous Presidents Who Wear Tophats"

Wh-el of F--tun- Is a USA's Number 1 game.

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Being a Contestant[edit]

The show hit rock bottom after they used up all their ideas for puzzles. A second Vanna was hired to try to stir up more excitement for the show.

The only requirement of Wheel players is that they must have tried out for Jeopardy and failed. They are then led into the Wheel studio, where they are stuck in a closet with Vanna White. If they are able to resist her seduction, then they are allowed on the show.

We Indian people hate the wheel of fortune It's not even released here

Why do people play this f_c_i_g game Merv gRIFFIN SUCKS

G--e -l-y[edit]

Game play consists of people taking letters from a hacker in a pink shirt, while talking to someone beamed in from the 80's. The 80's man gives each person a chance to spin a wheel that usually doesn't do anything, and put letters in places that don't matter. Usually, it starts with the Asian person, and goes through the line of contestants until we reach the Jew, who is skipped.

The Asian person usually get either the letter or a whole sentence, and scores a 1337 amount of hacked points. The black person misses every other letter, and word-rapes the white person for "keepin' my fat ass" down. The white person never scores, but never loses. This should be considered an example of either kitten huffing or the effects of the Bermuda Triangle.

Bon-- R--nd[edit]

The person with the who gets lucky (usually the stupid one) gets to spin a different wheel. In previous versions a contestant could choose from 5 letters, but several contestants tried to buy a vowel instead.

C-mm-nl- p-ck-d l-tt-rs/s-mb-ls[edit]

By far, the most commonly picked symbol is the symbol prince used as a name. Other letters:

  • Q
  • rr (the Spanish letter)
  • Q
  • Q
  • Z
  • 4
  • ¥
  • Æ
  • ش
  • ۩
  • ۞
  • ▲►▼▼► START SELECT A B
  • ▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒
  •  ; (semicolon)
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • The Batman Symbol

Note: In America, the practically useless letters -S-LN- I mean RSTLNE are given in the bonus round illegally, so it is up to the contestant to choose three consonants and a vowel that might have a hacker play for a chance to win $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Family Guy was so funny yo.
  • WOF hack.

Fa-ou- -o-ent-[edit]

  • Contestant Peter Griffin picks three Q's in the bonus round and proceeds to answer correctly. Rumors swirl that Griffin had been given the answer beforehand; speculation revolves around the fact that Peter and Merv Griffin are eighth cousins once removed.
  • Contestant Randy Marsh was on the most-watch Wheel of Fortune episode ever to date...at least the Bonus Round on getting rapped on Myspace. The category was "People who annoy you", and Randy said Niggers on live TV and it didn't get bleeped. Not only Randy Marsh apologized to Jesse Jackson, but so did Pat Sajak. And the category "People who annoy you" was discontinued after that.
  • Alex Trebek murders Sajak on April 1 after hosting the show. Trebek is executed for his crime; the next day, both he and Sajak are resurrected by Sony, the producers of the two shows. Sony then runs out of money and resort to the Playstation brand.
  • During one recording, an outbreak of Matt Gonfallis' disease occurred. Several of the audience already had AIDS so the symptoms surfaced quickly. Several old people made makeshift mini skirts on the spot. They believed Vanna White to be a demon, and tried to slay her.
  • Wheel was devised as a Jeopardy! replacement for NBC, because NBC thought Jeopardy! was too good of a show to air on network television. Both shows are currently syndicated.
  • Pat Sajak has often had to tell the audience to "shush" when they try to yell out the answer.You know,someone should do that,if they haven't already.And Vanna White should flash the winner.
  • When Chuck Woolery hosted, he'd appear to get his ass off the show.
  • A hacker might hack this game show.
  • Donald Trump had to get fired from being on this game show. and he was totally illegal up his a**.
  • CBS never aired an Episode of Wheel of Fortune because of all of the hackers hacked the wheel and the puzzle board too.
  • NBC aired it but you had to be born in 1975 in order to see it.
  • A Hacker really never got a Chance to go on Wheel of Fortune but the people on it hacked it instead.
  • By the way hacking is totally up your fucking ass.
  • In the 90's the hacker always hack the $5,000 space on the wheel and that illegal to do.
  • The game show was recalled Wheel of Hackers LOL.
  • These hacker are Called "The I don't wanna solve gangsters" and also hit the Puzzle Board.
  • Hacker hacked it and iwon $1,00,000 LOL.

Ext-rn-l L-nks[edit]

Pamela Anderson made a special appearance as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune in 2005 under the name Lexi somethingorother. The fact of the matter is that she's hot. Here is a link showing her appearance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnhbGCzQQtA

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