White (colour)

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White (colour)

“Hi everyone! Finally, company!”

~ Loogan Herr on Being very desperate


~ 12 year old child

White is simply the best colour ever.

Although this looks like white, it is in fact a very light shade of gray

“ ”

~ The Stig on White

Verb To fohm (lettehs, wohds or symbols) on a suhface in ohdeh to communicate.

Genehal Wobbut whote his name on the papeh.

To be de aufoh of (a book, ahticle, poem, etc.).

My uncle whites newspapeh ahticles for The Hehald.

To send a letteh to.

Please white me when you get thehe.

Discovery of White[edit]

The color (or colour however you want to spell it) white was discovered in 1337 by scientist G. Harding Gootenheimer. He called it white because it was kind of an accident. When he discovered it he said "What the hell is this????" Because he had a heavy German accent he was misunderstood by his partner, normal American guy, John Johnson, who thought he said "White!" and the rest was just insane \

babble. (Gootenheimer was insane, so you can't blame Johnson for this unfortunate mistake.) However, it did give the newly discovered color a name, and so, as of this point, there was a new color. So you might say, what came of this discovery. Well, for starters, a new race of people was discovered. Before this, everyone was considered to be the same basic colour. Now the race of people formerly known as tan, w

ere considered to be white.This discovery of a new people seemed to be great at first, but it later became a huge problem. These "white" people enslaved their black counterparts for centuries, discriminated against them, and formed groups such as the Ku Klux Klan to be against black peoples. So much for this new race.

White was also used to confuse stupid noobs, like you. Oh wait, you can't read this! Haha! So that means I can say anything about your mom! You mom is so st-......

The Secret about White[edit]

Rumours suggest that white is in fact a very light shade of blue. This was discovered in 1337 by a German professor of Christmas, however due to the fact that white hadn't in fact been discovered yet, he didn't realise what an important discovery he had stumbled across until 1337, a couple of months after his death, after an experiment involving a baubaul and a drunk caterpillar. Due to this unfortunate event, the knowledge he had uncovered was firmly hidden beneath the rug in the professor's house, where a ho found it.


You may mistake white for nothing. In fact, white is nothing. And when you see nothing on a picture, it's white. You may also mistake it for a Ninja. Be very careful.

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