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White Folks
Aka Honkey, Cracker, Ghost, Troll
And that's pretty much it. I guess since no one really was childish and ignorant enough to sit in a room for over 500 years thinking of names to offend other people.
Abilities N/A
Resources 90% of the worlds
Attack On sight
Weakness easily offended
Control Over 90% of the world

“Who are these people?”

~ Leon S. Kennedy on White People

White people, Commonly referred to as Caucasians or Europeans (by some idiots) should not, as some morons people believe be considered a separate race. They are, in fact albinistic people of all races in humanity who, through bitterness, discriminate against everyone else. They are the only race which truly believes in space aliens for one reason or the other (George Clinton and Louis Farrakhan don't count, because they are space aliens). They forced most races into poverty while hiding their objectives behind the "Word of God". They are nespotic and afraid of anything they cannot control. They do not have a moral way of life - no respect for their mothers and they live entirely like snakes except those in leadership. In recent years, they are trying by all mean to be like blacks and their efforts let to them being pathetic cool retarded chavs. Some have tried so hard to be black that they married blacks, causing their children to be increasingly black.

White History[edit]

Whitey hop.gif

They think they need a white history month but they really don't. besides isn't like every year white history? think about everyday in a history book you get a paragraph about black people , a half of an chapter about Asians , and a half of an chapter about Hispanics or Latinos. The rest is all about med-EVIL Europe, the founders of America (obviously in America, insert you're own countries history here), inventions , and mostly lies they spread throughout the world to poison the minds of children into believing whites are dominant.

The history books make it look like natives were brainless red people who shot poison darts and anyone they saw and were "uncivilised" which is the same excuse every white person comes up with to make it look like what their ancestors did wasn't wrong. The native Americans in fact were doing better and new way more things than British knew, like lacrosse and how to run a casino, what a shame the whites came.

One thing that it is important to note here is that one thing that the White man did do was get rid of the silly notion that animals have spirits and can live in harmony with man and that we are all part of nature. In stead of course Whitey did ensure that everyone did understand that there was only one God and only by bowing to him would you get to paradise and that his son came to Earth and was killed and then cam back to life and as a direct result of this your sins that you were born with are forgiven and that anything you do now will be forgiven as you are sanctified so therefore you can do anything you like and it will all be okay. After all, in God we trust.

49 cent! A white man's desperate attempt at social acceptance.

The Subgenus of white people[edit]


Out of all white nations these are the worse. Usually they are hypocrites and always say black people are racist, but once a fact is brought up about them they begin racial slurs and being big babies. Typical young white males like both kinds of music, Country and Western. Older white men think about nothing but office work. They criticise other races for being lazy, and for taking all the jobs. Most office jobs are nothing but sitting in office chairs answering calls while Mexican jobs are picking lettuce and tomatoes so their fat asses can eat. Did i mention they like to skateboard too much? Which is why they feel no racism should be pointed at them and everyone else needs to burn in hell.

USA police[edit]

USA police are a sub-genus of Americans, making them a sub-sub-genus of white people, making them a sub-sub-sub-genus of people. In other words they are barely a step above primordial sludge. USA police beat up civilians of color. A typical exchange between a Black motorist and a USA Police officer.

"Son do you know you were driving 50 mph. The speed limit is 25 my brothah." ~ Police officer
Don't you feel safer just seeing them?
"I'm pretty sure I was going around 20 mph." ~ Motorist
"May I see your license and registration?" ~ Police officer
"What does that gotta do with my speed." ~ Motorist
"RESISTING ARREST!" ~ Police officer sprays pepper spray into black motorist's face.
"Ahhhhhh" ~ Motorist accidentally steps on peddle and car drives into streetlight
"YOU'RE RESISTING ARREST!" ~ Police officer catches up to car
"My eyes!!!! I cant see it burns... it burns." ~ Motorist
Police officer pulls out 9mm and shoots black guy 15 times in face reloads and shoots 15 more bullets.
"Oooops..." ~ Police officer puts gun on corpse's hand and sprinkles crack over the passenger's seat.

Three days later the video of police car recording is found in Police officer's apartment. Police officer goes to court.

"We have no proof he did this on purpose. He might have just been trying to reach for his tazer. Even though they are on different sides of his body and are two different sizes. YOU ARE FREE TO GO!" ~ Fair and impartial white judge
"WHA?" ~ Mother of Black motorist

Ku Klux Klan[edit]

A KKK member plotting against the Blacks at the Legion of Doom Headquarters.

The KKK believe the white race is superior and dominant while everyone except their trusty weapon (Asians) are below. They hate Asians too but not as much as they do Hispanics and Blacks. In fact the KKK hate anything that isn't white , straight , and either an evangelical Christian or maybe another European religion. They hate Jews though even though Jews have been white ever since they went to Europe. This is usually the typical mind of a Redneck , young American, or Mexican who thinks he comes directly from white people.

Australians (aka Aussies)[edit]

"G'day [1]mate[2], howsit hangin'[3]? Bewdy Bonza[4] love[5]. Goin down the pier[6] in me thongs[7] to perv[8] at the Sheilas[9]." ~ Typical Aussie greeting


  1. Hello
  2. My good fellow
  3. How are you feeling today?
  4. Everything is going exceedingly well
  5. my dear (female) friend
  6. I am going to the boardwalk
  7. wearing my sandals
  8. To look/ogle
  9. (at) the beautiful ladies of leisure

English through English eyes[edit]

They really have small penises. Can you even see it? I know I can't.

The English actually know how to speak properly and can spell, unlike most other people. They have no need to simplify words so they don't spell them wrong, unlike Americans (or Amirikuns for the American readers out there). And they don't have a superiority complex like the Amirikuns either!

English through American eyes[edit]

A English are no more than stupid bastards who think they are above everything. Even the Americans. They have very bad teeth and pronounce every English word WRONG! Chopper in American , choppah in British. Fucker in American , fuckah in British. Basically they don't know how to use "ER " "AR" pretty much anything with a a, e, i, or o, or with an r at the end. I'm sure if someone was to cut those big yellow teeth to a normal size they would speak properly. And they have a superiority complex thinking that they're even better than us Americans who rule the entire world! Because I'm an Ameri-CAN, not an Ameri-CAN'T!


A genetic mutation resulting in the crossbreeding of an Eskimo, a Yeti, Bigfoot, an Unshaven French Woman, a Moose, a Maple Tree, a Jamaican, and a Filipino Nanny. It is the product of an experiment by the British Government to create the perfect Hockey Player.


"Aye, Mate! ~~ Typical Scottish response to typical Aussie greeting


"Myschartschihagen trishsmortslegen torshshagen hvertsamagen" ~ Typical German response to everything

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