White Nile

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The White Nile. As you can see, it's brown.

The White Nile is a rather boring river known for not turning into a popular band like it's Blue Brother...or sister. Riverologists still find it hard today to work out what sex the Nile is, but most people think trying to tell the sex of a river is a bit of a silly idea anyway.

Why the different names?[edit]

The men who discovered the Nile were daft enough to also discover the funny toads in the Nile that cause you to hallucinate after licking their poisonous skin. After effectively becoming the first Hippies they came across the idea that "maybe it's two rivers, maaaan, not just one. Expand your mind, Square" - in those exact words. It took them three years to get passed the notion that they couldn't fly (with magic mind powers) to the other end of the river to explain the name change to the locals so they eventually decided to take a boat there. Five years later due to bad navigation (they somehow managed to drop by London along the way) they arrived at their destination. Since the locals were also licking toads, no one complained about the name change.

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