White Power

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A Parody mixing Bread and racial politics. "the idea that all those who eat only white bread will some day take over the world"'

Heil Deutchbread!

White Bread Power, more commonly known as White Power, is the idea that all those who eat only white bread will some day take over the world and exterminate all those inferior peoples who partake of rye, wheat, and other whole-grain breads. As God has told us explicitly, white bread is all we must have to live, and those who do not recognize this are being led astray by the evil factions of Lucifer.

A team of scientists working in tandem with governments all over the world have found specific data relating the consumption of grainy breads to the corruption of the otherwise pure bodily fluids of normal white bread eaters. When fossil fuels have run out, and an energy crisis ensues once again, everyone will realize the inherent energy and potential in white bread. It can be burned, toasted, pressure cooked, or simply fried, to let out the amazing amounts of energy within.

If you or someone you know still has the temptation to eat unpure bread, please contact us with your address or phone number so that our organization can do our best to relieve you of your suffering.

Popular scientists will all agree that the white bread power theory, is just as scientifically explainable for the creation of the world as the big bang, or creationism, in laymans terms, it's bullshit.

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