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White Supremacists are the most elite form of Macists.

Why White Supremacists are best[edit]

Once a Macist reaches level 42, it can become a Super Macist, or Supremacist. If a Supremacist dies in a fiery cave, it can come back as a White Supremacist. White Supremacists have cool super powers, and glow, and are in all ways better than Grey Supremacists. They form drum n bass groups called cyber orc.

As a Jew I have come across many hardships in entering the white supremacist nation, but after my third lynching I got in and now i'm a level 50 super communist Macist.

With all brevity and truth contained within, simply supporting the basic ideology of Racial Loyalty doesn't make one a "supremacist," and the vast majority of WRL's are Separatists. Supremacy equals Segregated Dominion whereas Separatism equals Separated Independence. Therefore, not just anyone can be a Macist.

Colours Running?[edit]

In an effort to keep the Macists traditional garb clean, the National Union of White Supremacists recommends using American X washing powder. When you need to get blood and smoke smells out of your clothes following a family get together, American X is your number one choice.