Who is your real mom

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The biggest misbelief in all human beings is probably their mother - for some reason humans tend to accept who their moms are, despite the fact they have no proof that they came from those women's bodies. People could have photos or vidoes of their babies' time, but whether or not these babies were actually them is a very questionable matter.

A group of scientists called Society of ABBA strongly believe that we do not come from women's bodies, we come from another planet called Neverland which aliens there send signals to Earth to make us believe our "mothers" give birth to us. Humans were not born from their mothers, the actual birth process is still unknown. To understand this, try to imagine the birth of Jesus Christ whose mother Mary was not really his mother (Mary is always a virgin, even though she gave birth to Jesus' siblings, and some Jesii). The difference is, however, your "mother" has also been brainwashed by those signals which make her believe she gave birth to you.

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