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Dildo in Language[edit]

Brought to you by Your Favorite Bavarian Sadist
Direct English deriavatives of dildo:
  • Dildoer: noun, Someone who does a dildo instead of the other way round
  • Dildoing: verb, Act of showing an all-American neighborly feeling by applying a dildo to a neighbor's wife
  • Dildone: adjective, Quality of being blessed by a dildo
  • Dildow: noun, A Feminist who preffers her dildo over her husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Dildowed: adjective, Quality of getting the short end of a dildo by a dildow

Other English dildo words[edit]

  • Dildoodle: noun/verb, Drawings made by a dildo, or the act of doing so, usually following the challenge "Draw your dildo, pardner!"
  • Dildoom: noun, The end of dildos as predicted by Nostradamus
  • Dildormant: adjective, Quality of sleeping in cubbyholes during times of earthquake, much appreciated by Vietnam veterans
  • Dildodgy: adjective, Quality of dodging commitments in romantic affairs after the fashion of dildos
  • Dildot: noun, Tiny marks made by use of a micro-dildo, previously thought to be deadly infection
  • Dildomain: noun, The room reserved for a dildo, now as typical as a bedroom or a living room (in France it is known as a Toilette)
  • Dildomination: noun, When dildos rule over people, as involvement of a dildo with a copule is described as an orgy
  • Dildowned: adjective, Quality of being bought, owned and cared for by a dildo
  • Dildoctor: noun, A gynecologist who specializes in dildo injuries
  • Dildock: noun, The hole in the rear, for both genders
  • Dildoor: noun, The whole is the front, not available in the male
  • Dildoped: adjective, Quality of getting high on dildo action

Almost dildo words in English[edit]

  • Dildomantic: adjective, Quality of being as closely involved in romantic affair as a dildo (also known as Metrosexual)
  • Dildawn: noun, The day when a new dildo is brought into the house, generally celebrated along birthdays of family members
  • Dildommitment: noun, The commitment to be always on the job, a virtue specifically required to enter the French Foreign Legion
  • Dildumb: adjective, Quality of being shagged silly by an entire girls' dorm and still standing
  • Dildare: noun/verb, Marriage or the act of getting married
  • Dildomb: noun, A suicide bomber (also Dildomber)
  • Dildolinquent: adjective, Quality in a juvenile of practicing violence by use of a dildo

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Dildo words in foreign languages[edit]

  • Dildette (French): noun, A little dildo
  • Dildetta: (Italian): verb, Act of matching someone's sister dildo for dildo
  • Dildost (Hindustani): noun, A very close friend (the opposite is Dildushman)
  • Dildong (Mandarin): noun, A master of the Fu
  • Dildian (Mandarin): verb, Act of fainting at sight of a dildo
  • Dildoon-Dse (Mandarin): adjective, Quality of being hard like a dildo
  • Dildoviet (Russian): noun, Some place to share a dildo
  • Dildodol (Bahasa): noun, Someone smart enough to own a dildo

Dildo Words used by the Church of Ass and Nipple Slips[edit]

  • Dildevil: noun, A person who objects to public tit and butt flashing (also Dildork)
  • Dildangel: noun, A person who actively distributes pictues and video of public tit and butt flashing (also Dildude)
  • Dildamned: adjective, Quality of missing a perfect opportunity to unleash a bare tit or butt at unsespecting viewers
  • Dildalvaged: adjective, Quality of saving a fashion disaster by constantly flashing tit of butt or both


Wielders of the Dildo of Doom, the most super-duper weapon of mass destruction ever to be invented, are a weird breed uncompromisingly bent on having their own secret language while discussing the DoD. This tendency has given rise to the development of DoDspeak, a subspecies of English. The complete vocabulary of DoDspeak is given below.

A to E[edit]

  • Absolute Entropy: The result of using DoD on unsuspecting Iraqi men. The country goes down in anarchy, like everyone killing everyone, and the US forces are confined to their barracks. Bad for morale, as they can't show-off their guns to unsespecting Iraqi women.
  • Adhesive Force: The force it takes to unstick a piece of paper stuck to another piece of paper by use of postal glue, an activitiy used to select US military leaders.
  • Background Radiation: Osama tapes released from caves in Afghanistan.
  • Bonding Orbital: An all-male dance routine popular among members of Pakistani Army. The traditionalists protest inclusion of women in the forces in fear that the Bonding Orbital may vanish at womanly presence.
  • Cell Potential: An analytical system that counts the potential of getting sodomized while walking the streets of Bagh'Dad against that of walking with your dad .
  • Centrifugal Force: A flying technique deviced by Rastafarian fighter pilots, who figured out the simplest equipment of flying - the pot.
  • Closed System: A female prisoner-of-war who has been singled out for the entertainment of the commander-in-charge.
  • Critical Mass: Any mass before going into any battle against the Grue.
  • Daughter Nuclide:
  • Displacement Reaction: A result achieved when the frontal attack equipment is used in the rear.
  • Combination Reaction: A result achieved by the used of multiple dildos of doom, usaully against the dread enemie - a dildo-fuckfest-bitch.
  • Equilibrium Constant:
  • Explosive Limits:
  • Effective Collisons: The intended target when two dildos are used at the peripherry of the battlegorund.

F to N[edit]

  • Fractional Precipitation:
  • Half Life:
  • Heat Capacity:
  • Inhibitory Catalyst:
  • Kinetic Friction:
  • Line Spectrum:
  • Load Factor:
  • Mass Deficiency:
  • Mother Nuclide:
  • Native State: Semi-independent Indian staes during the British Raj, with divided state responsibilities - domestic, foreign, economic and military policy to the British, and womanizing, boozing and gambling to the Maharaja.
  • Nonpolar Bond: Fifth cousine, twice removed, of James Bond, the celebrated ballet dancer. She played a pivotal role in forming MI6: The Bond Family Ballet Theater.
  • Nutron Activation: An act of turning a motor engine on, especially in the middle of a Russian winter.

O to Z[edit]

  • Optical Activitiy: A doctrine of American Gun Lovers best explained in a 1978 book - "shoot what what you see, and wait for what you don't".
  • Osmotic Pressure: The upper strata of Congress lobbyists, who generally invest millions of swindled dollars into the sacred art of lobbying.
  • Orbital Plane:
  • Phase Diagram:
  • Probability Distribution:
  • Reaction Quotinent:
  • Reinserted Fuel:
  • Saturated Solution:
  • Secondary Radiation:
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Terminal Velocity:
  • Valence Electron:
  • Zone Refining: