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And so it came to pass.

That Mr. Happy did sojourn in the land of Mr. Sad.

And said unto him, "Why art thou sad?"

And Mr. Sad bore his soul unto Mr. Happy and said that he had not begat children.

And Mr. Sad was woeful and did gnash his teeth.

And Mr. Happy called on the name of the LORD for help.

But the LORD was a vengeful and wrathful God and smote him.

And the LORD spake, "Do not trouble me with these pitiful issues."

And Mr. Sad prayed unto Mr. Happy's God as he was sore afraid.

And the LORD provided a miracle and Mr. Sad begat three sons.

And Mr. Sad was in awe of the mighty power of the LORD.

And Mr. Sad did pray to the LORD to give thanks.

And the LORD spake, "Do not trouble me without gifts."

And Mr. Sad was turned into a pillar of salt.


The novel Mr. Happy's Bible Primer is also available in paperback.


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