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Looks like a raisin, no?

Note: the writer is not responsible for the decidedly NOT fangirly attitude of this page. If you want the "fangirl" version, please use this link.

“Yo quiero tener un millón de amigos!”

~ Roberto Carlos Braga on wanting a million friends

“So many emotions!”

~ Roberto after getting a million friends on Facebook

“I'm a fan of Roberto Carlos.”

~ Me on Roberto Carlos

“The singer or the ex-soccer player?”

~ You on the previous quote

“Beware! Marrying Roberto Carlos can cause cancer!”

~ Surgeon General on Braga's widowhood

Roberto Carlos Braga, best known as just Roberto Carlos or o Rei (the king), is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, crippled, left-handed, and a widower. Roberto Carlos, "the king of nothing," is the typical cheap conqueror who sold half-a-dozen songs on his first CD. He became famous for his pseudo-romantic music and often conquered the hearts of heartbroken women who cannot tell the difference between love and a really good song. After participating in the Human Genome Project, it was discovered that he is the illegitimate father of the brother duo, Chitãozinho and Xororó, among others...