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The novel UnBooks:The Extremely Sexual Society is also available in paperback.
The cover of The Extremely Sexual Society.

The Extremely Sexual Society is a young adult science fiction debut novel about a man named Robert A. Carrol who lives in an advanced society where sex is much more popular than in the real world. He has sex with a woman named Gale J. Schofield. Gale had sexadeath, an extremely dangerous sexually transmitted disease and he didn't use a condom since he didn't know about Gale having sexadeath. He has to able to afford a cure, which is extremely expensive, within roughly three to five years before his immune system is gone and he is vulnerable to disease.

Robert soon finds out he has sexadeath. His life soon rapidly goes downhill. Robert one day gets fired from his job as a ray gun maker during an accident and the only job he could find was a soldier where he nearly died many times and still gets a low pay. Robert keeps wondering if he would be able to live a full life with a low-paying job and an extremely fatal disease.

Excerpt from Chapter 1[edit]

Robert was thinking about all the sexual thoughts he could.

Sex was something so amazing. He considered doing it again a few years from now.

His penis inside his partner Gale's vagina. What could be better than that?

Excerpt from Chapter 14[edit]

Dr. Comer was Robert's doctor. Robert had to take a blood test on this day.

"Hello Dr. Comer," said Robert.

"Hello Mr. Carrol. I suppose you know today is the day for your blood test," said Dr. Comer.

"I do," said Robert.

Dr. Comer stuck a needle for blood testing into Robert.

Robert starting whistling for a while.

Dr. Comer looked at his watch. He took the needle out of Robert. "Time to see how your blood test went." Dr. Comer put the blood sample under his microscope. "Oh no! You have sexadeath."

Excerpt from Chapter 16[edit]

Robert was building a ray gun in the ray gun factory. Yesterday hadn't been a good day for him.

"Hi Robert. I just had sex yesterday. It was amazing," said Richard, one of Robert's friends.

"That's cool," said Robert, not paying attention to his work as he poured a chemical into the ray gun he was building.

Suddenly, there was an explosion and Robert went unconscious.

Excerpt from Chapter 17[edit]

Robert woke up in a hospital. His boss, Mark A. Bryant was looking at him.

"You're fired, you son of a bitch," said Mark.

"What for?" asked Robert.

"What happened at the ray gun factory of course."

Excerpt from Chapter 31[edit]

Enemy troops were shooting the troops in the base.

"Attack the invaders!" screamed an officer.

Robert took out his ray gun and started shooting the enemies. Blood was everywhere. Soldiers kept on falling to the ground as long as there was shooting.

An enemy soldier pointed his ray gun at one of Robert's allies but Robert shot his in the butt.


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