Why dont polar bears shit in the woods?

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Template:NowikipediaFor a long time no one knew Why don't polar bears shit in the woods. Recently scietists have found out why. Here you can read an interview with a bearshitologist Rolandas Paksas.

Journalist: "So Mr. Paksas why dont polar bears shit in the woods ?"
Rolandas Paksas: "It's really simple. I can't even understand why the answer has been found out only after 20 years of intense research. They don't shit in the woods because they dont shit at all."
Journalist: "But Mr. Paksas howcome they don't shit? How is that possible?"
Rolandas Paksas: "Well...ummmm....they may shit but no one's have seen them doing it so we can assume that they don't shit at all."
Journalist (to the camera): "Well now that we've heard these breathtaking news I think our everyday lives are really going to change."