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Wide Binary is a mainstream alternative to traditional binary, but with the added bonus of affording 7 choices, instead of the more traditional two.

Wide Binary bits are either 0, 1 (to maintain compatibility with traditional binary), plus the new options K, _, , Denis and 'Flarflwe', which cannot be represented in a human-readable form.

The widebit, K, rose to popularity last year with news of its inclusion in the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.5 version of rm

Whilst the other wide pieces of binary have so-far failed to grab mainstream recognition, traces of Denis have been found in HTML pages online, and an RFC was put forward to develop a new bit-mapped display for PCs, to display Flarflwe with the use of circles.

In Mediocre Britain, wide binary can be expanded using the Welsh rarebit, which doubles the numbers of words and is itself quite tasty.

Wide Binary is also the name used to describe it when me and your fat momma are getting it on; 10, 10, 10, 01 (when she's on top) 10...and so on.