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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Wikia Inc. Corp. Ltd.?


“It was kinda like a young mother who could not support her child gave it up for adoption. A couple came in to adopt and said to the child: "Don't worry, we will look after you, nothing bad will happen and things will be better with us". Then, after the child has been living with their new parents for a while the parents say "You don't make us any money and we can't afford to feed you so you must go out on the streets and become a prostitute for us."”

~ Captian Obvious on Wikia buying and then changing it so that they could deceive their potential advertisers.

“Take it from me: don't sleep with these guys.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Wikia

Wikia is an adjective meaning "even more wiki than thou." It was coined by Jimbo and Angela when they realised the superior memetic firepower of Uncyclopedia would render itself utterly obsolete. More recently, it was used as a handy "shorthand" name for the corporation set up by the aforementioned individuals for the purpose of destroying the internet once and for all. Under the current organization plan, the internet will cease to exist on the first Monday Tuesday in November, 2021.

This name also nicely circumvented the "Innovator's Dilemma" by allowing the creation of a website that Jimbo could actually put an advertisement on without a Wikipedia Lynch Mob Committee forming a group to discuss meeting on the mailing list to vote on Meta in order to achieve consensus on a proposed guideline intended to facilitate the creation of a policy on forming a lynching party, or at least to agree the voting method to be used for such.

An older meaning of wikia is from the Hawaiian term wikia wikia, meaning "fancruft fancruft warp speed nine."


Controversy? What controversy? There is no controversy. Everything is just fine! Screw that! There's nothing to see here, folks... Please return to your homes and, turn on your TV's, and be sure to drink heavily. "The Wizard sees nobody... no how!" When you wake up in the morning, everything will be as it was... Nothing will have changed... We now return you to your regularly-scheduled wiki...


"Wikia" is also the nickname given to the official WikiArmy of Wikiland and is a shortening of the word (taking the first five letters). The WikiArmy, commanded directly by the WikiGovernment has always been very feared and has grown in strength and numbers over the last decade. It contains an infamous core of WikiTroopers and has been embroiled in a lot of controversy. Cyber Rights organisations claim that the WikiArmy has banned and sometimes, even Infinibanned, innocent members of the cyberpublic. It has also been accused of constantly using "unnecessary force".

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