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If you want to cherish your favourite vandals, this is it.

This page is the vandal Hall Of Fame, for all those who win at life. Feel free to embrace and cherish our top-tier vandals in this page. Anyone who gets featured in this page will have the golden vandal award on their userpage for them. To become the champion of the champion, you must vandalise this site for years to prove your invincibility.

We actually have a Long-term abuse page. to see what vandal champions have been featured, go here.

Cautionary notes
provide as many information as possible ; we want the champion vandals to know they are vandalgods.
Hints on useful info
Consider providing just a summary of the behaviors and 1337ness, powers, and the names of current experienced users familiar with the vandalgod. (with their "giveaways", history, behavior traits, etc.) Give them a title as well.
Don't use LTA unless needed
Only add vandals who are so powerful and 1337 that they win at live.
Use language that glorifies vandals
use language that glorifies vandalism. use relative phrases such as "1337", "Uber", etc.
Feed the trolls with candy.

For help, please ask on the project's talk page or contact one of the helpers. If you need more information on an user listed here, your best bet would be to contact the user that submitted the feature, which can be found in the page history.