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this is the sort of picture that wikipedia talk pages members will typically argue over, one group claiming it is unsuitable because it might be considered offensive and anyone could come to this page and some claiming it is vital to keep in because it is relevant to the webpage and it is not their place to censor content

Wikipedia Talk Pages is an NPOV internetional charity organisation dedicated to organising, arranging and correcting all information contained on the internet. It consists mainly of philanthropic individuals (known as “Pedants”) from various countries, each going by his own self-inflicted moniker or “screenname”. Although overwhelmingly English-speaking, the Pedants use various dialects or systems of spelling, but nevertheless share a common belief that the internet will not be worthy until all information is properly sourced and NPOV and everything is spelled correctly (however, often there is disagreement on how a word is spelt, see Ongoing Campaigns). As well as its general ongoing work to improve the internet’s many tomes, the organization has several large-scale campaigns, many of which are considered to be ongoing since by definition they could never be completed.

The organisation is divided into two parts – The Committee for PC Censorship and The Liberal Freedom of Speech Alliance. This division is considered by some NPOV people to be counter-productive, since the two are effectively mutually exclusive – for example, while a CPCCer would delete the phrase “kill all nigger’s” on the grounds that it could offend people of African-American heritage, LFSAers would not, on the basis that they have no right to curtail someone’s freedom of speech. However, they would change it to “Kill all niggers” because if there’s one thing all members agree on its that they hate bad grammar.

History of Wikipedia Talk Pages[edit]

Wikipedia Talk Pages was founded by NPOV primary school teacher Miss Sunita Mbongo in the mid to late 1990s. Historians disagree (often violently) on the exact date, but the general consensus is that it is one of 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999. It started life as a small-scale operation, a collective of individuals quietly surfing the web for unreliable information which they would then research, eventually either linking it to a reliable source or, if none was available, deleting it outright. Support for the cause quickly spread, and by the turn of the millennium the organization had over a million Pedants, occupying an area of internet the size of Ireland (excluding Co. Derry)

However, as the group increased in size and popularity it soon became clear that the previous slap-happy approach to the cause would not be sufficient, and greater organization was needed to take it to the next level. In October 2003 visionary and level 60 Mage J.R.R. Zeppelin published the Wikipedia Talk Pages Manifesto (colloquially known as The Wikifesto), which heralded a new era in internet Pedantry. It set out in writing the organisation’s aims, as detailed above, as well as pulling together the general feeling of disquiet among Pedants into a neatly organized and clearly set-out NPOV document with links to reliable sources.

Following the publication and widespread acceptance of the Wikifesto, Wikipedia Talk Pages’ effectiveness and productivity quadrupled by nearly 600% over the next 18 months, forcing the organization into the internet big-time as arguably the most high-profile group of it’s type. However, as always happens in these cases, people started to disagree with each other on the direction the movement was moving, with some wanting to move the movement in a different direction to the direction the movement was currently moving, and this led to widespread arguing and accusing each other of being like Hitler. The chief area of conflict was between the desire to censor offensive content and the principle of freedom of internet speech, something which has plagued the human species for centuries, except for the Muslim world of course, which settled the argument long ago.

The tension between the two camps eventually led to the dual-format group we know and love today, with the Committee for PC Censorship and the Liberal Freedom of Speech Alliance operating separately but with common aims and some central government. Most respected sociologists, and even some not at all respected sociologists, agree that it is almost inevitable that in future the two schisms will separate entirely and wage long and bloody world of war on each other, possibly destroying our beloved planet in their desperation to annihilate their fellow man/dwarf/mage in defence of a cause. Personally, I think it’s very sad that some people see a system of beliefs as more important than the lives of fellow human beings, but I won’t put that in the article as it isn’t NPOV.

Ongoing Campaigns[edit]

Wikipedia Talk Pages has several ongoing high-profile campaigns in various fields of internetsortouting, including:

Ensuring that every single episode of Family Guy ever recorded has its own wikipedia entry, complete with transcriptions of all the main jokes;

Eradicating apostrophe’s, because they cause more trouble than theyre worth, or if unable to eradicate at least making all apostrophe’s NPOV;

Deleting all racist, homophobic, misogynistic or otherwise prejudiced content, because these views are not tolerable in the modern world and some people might be offended;

Ensuring that any word that can be spelt in different ways in different cultures (eg color/colour) regularly switches between the two, ideally every day but failing that at least weekly;


Ensuring complete freedom of speech for everyone, including anyone racist, homophobic, misogynistic or otherwise prejudiced, because though they may not agree with what you think, they will argue for months over your right to say it;

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