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Zeichen 101.png DANGER!!   Viewing or reading this page can be deadly ... or worse.
1,433 users are currently castrated, paralyzed, infected with Herpes, and/or disfigured for daring to see this page.
If you just got here and are feeling dizzy due to losing a pint of blood from the stump where your arm
used to be, please stumble away and call for help, then lay down in the gutter and pass out.


The Wikisaurus!!!!!
Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!

The Wikisaurus!!!!!
Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!

~ someone who is now dead on The Wikisaurus
to a group of doomed people

The Wikisaurus is the most dangerous monster in the Universe. Grues, Anti-Grues, Eurgs, Dragons, Hobgoblins, Eels, Trolls, Jews, Bio-Jews, Ninja Pirates, even Godzilla, the Wikipedia Monster, Chuck Norris, the Jesusaurus rex and God himself are horrified by this dreadful creature. The Wikisaurus is terribly disgusted by Barney the Dinosaur, the Chlorasaurus and Your mom and will destroy them on sight, but he will rather try to avoid them. The Wikisaurus is often described as being vaguely related to the Thesaurus, however, the Wikisaurus is far more powerful. Although the classification of the Wikisaurus is very vague as no known researcher has been known to survive the attack of the Wikisaurus, it is generally conceived to be a reptile and more accurately a dinosaur. It is known to terrorize wiki's, spreading death and chaos.
It is currently located in Wiktionary, a Wikipedia-styled imitation of dictionaries. The Wikisaurus' main weapon of mass destruction is his mouth, never look into its mouth, it will double your knowledge of language, mostly concerning an index of synonyms and antonyms, resulting in insanity and eventually the explosion of your head, if your brain survives it will subsequently asplode. The possible weaknesses of the Wikisaurus are being studied, but the surviving scientists say that the only possible weakness of the Wikisaurus is Soviet Russia, because in Soviet Russia, Russian reversal states that "YOU kill the Wikisaurus", however it has been suggested that the Wikisaurus might be the only creature immune to Russian reversal. Oscar Wilde and Sophia have made an agreement with the Wikisaurus that they would not be killed if they would supply a considerable amount of victims every day and would worship him as the only true ruler of the universe, many anonymous users and a few registered ones are sacrificed every day to please the Wikisaurus. SO BEWARE, YOU MIGHT BE NEXT!!!!!