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William Snakeshit (1066 - 2005), famous author, civil rights activist, homosexual, and man about town, is without a doubt the greatest author who ever lived. No, really. The greatest. I mean, THE GREATEST!!! No doubt about it. I'm not kidding. Nobody else even came close.

He wrote 56 plays, including Hamlet, Gone With the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catch 22 in the Rye, The Sound and the Fury, A Rememberence of Things Pasta (A la Recherche du Temps Fondu), A Farewell to Arms, and Macbeth. In addition, he wrote two plays in colaberation with Charles Beaumont and Fletcher Christian which, fortunately, have not survived.

He is, along with Douglas Adams, Jesus H. Christ, Mrs. Millicent Uddersoe, and Oscar Wilde, one of the five most often quoted authors in the English language.

Snakeshit's life[edit]

Early life[edit]

William Snakeshit had no early life, being born in 1066 at the age of twenty-seven. He was born with a ruff around his neck, and he couldn't spell his own name, but he is still the greatest writer who ever lived. Really!

As an actor[edit]

There's no business like show business like no business I know. Everything about it is appealing, everything the traffic will allow. Nowhere can you get that happy feeling, that you are stealing an extra bow. There're no people like show people; they smile when they are low. Even with a turkey that you know will fold and leave you standing out in the cold and something something something so you will know this is satire and not violating the copyright of Oscar Fucking Hammerstein, you go on with the show.

As a civil rights activist[edit]

  • First clown: "The black ram is tupping the white ewe, sirrah."
  • Second clown: "Ew, that's gross. Does 'tupping' mean what I think it means?"
  • First clown: "Better fuckin' believe it, nuncle."
  • Second clown: "Hath not a Jew pork chops? If you fuck him, doth he not squeal? Hath not a Jew passions, desires, lust, A-bombs, more lust, foreskins, and pancakes, like any other man? Well, maybe not the foreskins. But all the rest of his equipment is in the right place, you better believe."

As a homosexual[edit]

You see, Snakeshit wasn't really gay. It's just that in those days, they had little boys dress up as grown up girls, who then played the parts of girls disguised as boys disguised as girls. In a situation like that, anybody could get confused.

As a playwright[edit]

The greatest. No doubt about it. Really.

The plays[edit]


Come to me, my melancholy baby.

The other plays[edit]

Time for somebody else to write some really funny stuff. But only if it is funny. And great. Really, really great.


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