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Wintows is a theatrical agency that brainwashed the people in all parts of the world and that Microsoft Co. made. The producer Bill Gates named this agency Wintows because his society window had opened half, and the name means "celebrities who dash out to society through windows".

Groups (of Wintows) being confirmed now[edit]

He came to Japan to make the believers who had fallen into a deep brainwash do the offering.
One of members of legend.
  • Internet Explorer - Tool that members since 98 are using.
  • Ohis - Tool that all Wintows are using.
    • Ward - Musical instruments only of making sentences.
    • Power Point alias "Magic engine".
    • Access - Tool to buy and sell land.

In addition, though there are various tools

The ones that are only insect even if they are said counterbalancing power[edit]

  • McIntosh - Comic dialogue combination whom Apple Computer Inc. sent off.
  • Linux - living thing of infinite form.
  • UNIX - Gassy life.
  • Windows
  • Brainwashing