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Wobble is a type of dance movement, mainly initiated by people with eating disorders, or just people with fat arses. It was invented by a british-born man while in holiday in the USA in 1403 who stole all the food off the africans in order to invent this amazing feat. In modern days, people tend to use McDonalds as the fuel for their wobble dancing.

Legend has it that wobbling was a way of exciting the gods of the Egyptians during the holy war of trial and error in 1698. On 11 September 2001 3 planes full of wobblers on their way to wobble dances were deliberatly crashed into numerous famous buildings in the USA. According to reports, Polish terrorists were behind the attack. Their motive to this day is unknown.

Famous wobblers[edit]

Gordon Brown

Chubby "FUCK OFF" Brown

Bob Brown

Billy who the fuck Brown

Anyone else called brown

Random fat singers

Bill Gates and other geek related people

Rolf Harris (Indirect wobble)