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“It's a female penis.”


See related article on the inner tube for physiological information on the inner head.

A sexual organ located in the inner head, long associated with the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite.

A heavily guarded fortress, the Womb is almost impregnable. Most are guarded by the evil demon aptly named Modesty. Those lucky enough to be allowed into the passageway (sometimes using the "trojan" horse method), will be amazed at its glory. Generally, the smaller one of these fortresses is, the more defended it is. The smaller ones often have a "tight" sense of brotherhood amongst the guards and a less roomy entranceway.

Sometimes the passageway's guards can be bribed (or can imbibe) to let down their guard. Unfortunately, responsibility can become an issue if you do not sheathe your blade before entrance.

The Wombanly Curse[edit]

It hath been said, that the true owners of this fortress can only be but born, not made. This is not a blessing but rather a lifelong curse. The early days of ownership of said fortress can be pleasant but it has been told that forceful entry has been gained long before the true glory of the kingdom has been reached.

Those fortresses that do reach a greater level of maturity will still succumb to great bloodshed, as much as once a month for several days. In maturity, ownership of such a fortress will also be considered sole reason to be paid less than the norm for services rendered even though the fertility of the land is high, and the inhabitants of the land be plentiful. It is therefore ironic that once the lands loose fertility, the inhabitants move on, and bloodshed has ended it is only then that the fortress will gain the respect it deserves.

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