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I don't care if the title is unreadable. This is how it's formatted all over there.
Homeworld Earth
Species Wiki
Gender Male, obviously.
Height 1.7 mediawikis
Hair Color Brown (applies to fur as well)
Eye Color Red around the edges
Affiliation Crap, NPOV

“I believe no Wookieepedia article is worthy of beginning with an Oscar Wilde quote.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Wookieepedia

“On Wikipedia, every article is written by an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters. Wookieepedia on the other hand, every article is written by an infinite number of Emperor Palpatine clones with holocrons.”

~ Captain Sarcasm on explaining the main difference between Wikipedia and Wookieepedia

Link to every single word in each quote, we must

“(Whatever sound Chewbacca makes)”

~ Chewbacca on Wookieepedia

Wookieepedia (28 ABY—) was a wiki that had something to do with pseudoscience fiction, or maybe is, but the Manual of Style dictates that we should write "was". Sometimes referred to as "Palpapedia" because most of the effort made by the community is Riffsyphoned towards the Palpatine article.


The origin of Wookieepedia is universally accepted to be the bad touch. As with most things.

Shortly after the concept of sporking had been ported from software-free applications to content-free websites, Wikipedians begun excessive sporking of Wikipedia content into smaller, cuter sites with less traffic overhead. Some of them used green links to make it appear like they sporked it all and not just a few pages to vandalize them, while others weren't even GFDL.

A common point of view, which must be true due to argumentum ad numerum, stands that Wookieepedia was born to protect Star Wars articles from evil deletionists. Indeed, after its formation, the "Star Wars Wiki" only held about three VFDs per month, which resulted in articles such as this taking over the wiki. Due to abundance of subjects to write one sentence about, Wookieepedia began to grow at superlight speed, far surpassing old adopted children of Wikicities soon enough.

Of course, not everyone thought that brevity is the sister of talent, which resulted in some people forgetting about the rest of the wiki, concentrating solely on certain senators from Naboo. It turned out that splitting articles was not encyclopedic, and while there were intentions to spork the content into articles like "Biography of Palpatine", "Personality of Palpatine", "Wardrobe of Palpatine", "Hair of Palpatine", "Fingernails of Palpatine", "Palpatine's (lack of) genitalia" and "Darth Sidious", these efforts usually ended in edit wars. Must be the dark side intervening...

Wookieepedians, most of whom were obviously not Wookiees, attempted to promote their Wikipedia spork by making it the featured Wikicity, only to shamefully fail with a somewhat aggravated reaction. It is unknown if anyone actually followed the advice to research the power of the Furry Side. After all, the Furry Side is for Wookiees.

Eventually, they were featured, and there was much rejoicing on Endor, despite the theoretically inevitable extermination of all life on Endor, from which the moon was saved only by annihilating all the falling Death Star debris via Force miracle.

Wookieepedia today[edit]

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1846 Uncyclopedia Convention | The Wikipedia BBS

Today Wookieepedia is populated by several users who refuse to accept the fact about the Exile being female. This causes much frustration to some admins who think protecting a page will stop them. In this case, users will specify that Revan was the mullet guy. As time goes by, that article will be protected, and those users will waste their time finding another obscure Star Wars fact to disagree with the admins about.


With so much Wikipedia heritage, including templates that promote Wikimedia Foundation, Wookieepedia tries to be faithful to the spirit of Jimbo Whale's teachings, in particular maintaining the NPOV policy. These efforts proved to be futile, as the "'Nother Point of View" is the point of Jimbo, and Jimbo doesn't care about Star Wars. Or does he? Anyway, you're allowed to say that Palpatine killed half the galaxy, but you aren't allowed to say that he was evil.

For some users, the NPOV policy goes further. Due to their efforts dedicated to making articles as factual as possible, completely abolishing any speculation, the encyclopedia is now full of masterpieces such as: "Palpatine was born on Naboo, or maybe he wasn't. He was the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith, or maybe he wasn't." They are usually praised for their contributions, or maybe they aren't.

Interestingly, the NPOV had some followers in the Star Wars universe as well... at some point in their lives, though the writers had to abolish the concept because thousands of fans were dissatisfied with the deviation from the traditional "light side good, dark side <BEEP>" point of view.


Don't even start. If Uncyclopedia admins think that "Darth Sxoo" isn't funny in our universe, it probably isn't funny in the alternate universe. The difference is, they don't get deletzored so quickly, as Wookieepedia has, among other things, inherited a mechanism for ensuring that deletion is long and tedious. Curiously, they didn't rename it "AFD" with Wikipedia, and probably won't, as the "articles" for deletion include templates, categories and quite possibly even user pages.

However, changing the Jedi Exile's gender to male will result in your bannination in about five seconds after you insert the word "male" into the article. If for some really strange reason it didn't, add "Dantius Palpatine" (and "Jard Dooku" for maximum guarantee) and watch them go, "NOOOOOOO! DON'T CHANGE THE HAIRSTYLE, U N00B!!! DELETED!! BANNED!! GO READ LIST OF FANON CREATIONS!!!!" Strange, really strange people. When they are in a good mood, they simply say "see that trash can wiki over there? Put some more garbage into it."


Not so active as on Uncyclopedia, but seemingly obsessed with delusions of grandeur. Not like it's a bad thing, as having their real names revealed helped promote the site a lot, thwarting competitors such as the Completely Unpronounceable Stupid Word Ensemble. Mostly spend time not appearing on IRC Jabber, and actually contributing, contributing and contributing (although every 99 legal edits, which consist of making old planet and system stubs consistent with a new template/category/policy/Community Portal decision/Consensus Track decision, they occasionally bump into a tiny, peaceful VFD discussion and close it with the words "no consensus, deleted according to common sense"). Therefore, the privilege of writing policies and guidelines has been reserved to non-admins, who write them for non-admins.

And don't put the Appearances section after the Sources section. Under any circumstances. It's an official policy, not a guideline which you can edit according to your own needs, as these Wikipedians do.

Actual purpose Wookiepedia is actually a porn site designed for nerds to wank at. The images that they use are obscene beyond belief and most of the articles have been copied and pasted off of sex chat rooms. It displays images of extreme hardcore porn with all kinds of fetishes, including bondage porn, titfucking, buttsex, and wookie porn, which is especially nasty. Wookiepedia ranks 10th on Time's top 100 porn sites, four places behind Conservapedia

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Okay, enough of that in-universe trash. Now we can say what we really think.

  • The name "Wookieepedia" is apparently a copywrong violation. Nobody cared until they decided to use the word in the logo, after which Angela immediately popped up and declared that they are using a registered trademark. Obviously, using the Star Wars logo on a Death Star logo is not a copywrong violation.
  • If you ever see "Behind the Scenes" instead of "Behind the scenes", repeatedly bash the user with the Manual of Style or a gaffi stick.

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