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Workius Roomius is an area located in the Northern Quartersphere of Brigshaw. It is known for its industrious activity, with work completed there ranging from editorials on sunny Ibiza (the one on Earth), to application forms for a permit to move from Brigshaw to Earth in order to gain Earthly academic qualifications and find work.

Workus Roomius - and the rest of Brigshaw - is believed to have been formed as a result of the Big Bang in 1989. How such a beautifully-formed land could have been created via a massive implosion is a question that still has Stephen Hawking tossing and turning at night (well, that and a dog-eared copy of Nuts magazine featuring Abi Titmuss that Hawking claims doesn't belong to him and 'is a friend's'. Relating back to the point, Workus Roomius is one of the neatest and tidiest places in the Milky Way, as even those two sad bitches from How Clean Is Your House? Kim and Aggie couldn't fault it. The area comes complete with internet capability (to send SOS messages to Earth) and chairs to, as The Fonz would say, 'sit on it'.

Relevance to Brigshaw[edit]

The area has often been regarded as the most presentable area of the planet of Brigshaw. IXTBA chairman Nektia Ets even went as far as to describe it as 'the only part of Brigshaw that don't look like a complete 'n' utter shithole'. As well as posing as the communications centre for Brigshaw, Workus Roomius has also been known to attract some of Brigshaw's very best residents. From Pmek Ylloh to Renrut Amme to CliftoPbo1 to drugs-shamed X-Treme Ballage player Sleihs Yecats to Nektia Ets, all have visited Workus Roomius at some point. In 2007, Workus Roomius won the Inaugural Brigshaw's Cleanest Room Award, beating off wank competition from Cum-on Roomland, which judge Nektia Ets labelled, 'a god-damn shithole'.

Future Events[edit]

There appears to be very exciting times lying in the near future for Workus Roomius. The next couple of weeks are likely to see a huge rush of visitors, some cool some not so cool, frantically trying to complete their Earth Xistance Application Service (EXAS) forms before its too late. Perhaps more interestingly, the second IXTBA Championships (T.T.I.N.A.P.A.L.T.B.S.G.B.F.M) are set to be held there, though a date has not yet been set (it depends when someone finds a table and a bouncy ball). The defending champion is Pmek Ylloh, who when asked in a recent press conference for her prediction for the tournament's winner, replied, 'I think you'll find its gonna be me. I'm gonna fuckin shit anyone who dares get in my way... by the way if you're watching Ets, I've still got your blue BIC Medium.'

Key Visitors to Workus Roomius[edit]

Famous Events in Workus Roomius' History[edit]

  • April 1st 2000 - Almost got burnt down by the Firestarter, twisted Firestarter.
  • Aug 19th 2007 - Workus Roomius wins Brigshaw's Cleanest Room award.
  • Nov 20th 2007 - CliftoPBO1 breaks the Guinness World Record for most people sent to sleep whilst making lots as many Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as he could.
  • Nov 26th 2007 - Doow Ynnad drops and SBD without anyone realising before it was too late.
  • Nov 28th 2007 - Voted Sexiest Room in the Galaxy by Hello magazine.
  • Sometime soon - IXTBA Championships
  • Nowt much else, its a pretty quiet and boring place sometimes.
  • Jan 18th 2008 - A British Airways flight crash lands into the Workus Roomius. Amazingly, the room stays tidy and only a few uncool people are hurt. Ya know, the type who go to Starbucks for coffee
  • Jan 21st 2008 - Disaster strikes as Earth & River Studies is cancelled. Some people hang around in Workus Roomius to pass the time.