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Snoopy did not live long enough to fight in this one”

~ Tamia on World War 3D

As an interesting ploy, George Lucas signed a contract with Disney to produce the popular, animated children's movie: World War 3D. This movie was praised highly by critics and outsold many other movies of the children's genre such as Lady and the Scamp, 1 x 1023 + 1 Dobermans, XXX Fantasia and many more.

This one shot cost $1 million

WW3D is an amazing piece of work that all should see. Disney, however, didn't make any more animated films (apart from a series of unsuccesful Japanese hentai films that were banned in most states of the US, including North-west Carolina). There are rumours, though, of a WW3D2: Hitler's revenge in which the audience will experience the terriying sight of Hitler naked on screen.

Please note: The above information is 100% accurate.

Fact vs. Fiction[edit]

Contrary to popular opinion, the film World War 3D was not a fictional film. In fact, it drew its influences from Microsoft's repeated attempts to win in the highly competitive internet software market.

In the actual World War 3D, Microsoft decided to tap in on the lucrative market for military hardware by creating a system that allowed countries to have virtual wars. This was immediately siezed upon by peace campaigners as a turning point in history, and was soon adopted by all the world's militaries as a cheaper alternative to "proper" wars.

Within 5 years of the introduction of this software, all wars were being fought virtually and all physical militaries had been disbanded, and their armaments sold for scrap metal which was used to make toothbrush-holders. However, all did not continue so well. Following a software update which had been compromised by hackers, the virtual wars caused massive loss of life by turning off the internet, causing approximately 1 billion people to die of withdrawal symptoms, effectively wiping out the westernised world.

Fortunately, a few people were saved by the heroic actions of Steve Jobs, who broke into the server room of the virtual war software and caused a short-circuit by inserting a selection of dried apple pieces into the drives of the servers. Unfortunately, he died during this valiant attempt to save humanity. In honour of him, Microsoft was renamed the Applesoft Corporation and left the computing market altogether to concentrate on developing new and novel types of knitting needles. The Disney film is based upon these oft-forgotten events, and is a valuable reminder to today's children of their tragic past.

dont forget the PIZZA!!

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