World War XIII

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World War XIII
The 'Supposedly' Un-defeatable Zombie Battle Suit...
War began: 5000 AD
War finished: 5016 AD
Place: Former Area of Spain
Result: The Survivors Kicked the Zombies back to Hell.
Impacts of War: There are ALOT less zombies now...
Fighting parties of War
The Survivors The Military Zombies

World War XIII is the war between the Zombies and the Survivors.

Main Conflict That Started War[edit]

The Reason that this war started was because when Military Scientist John Maclane started to make military zombies they went berserk and killed him and then went and fed on anything that they could find and they wiped out most of the planet, except a few thousand people. The two species that were left were the Survivors and The Military Zombies. They lived in harmony for little more than three weeks when the Zombies tried to feed on the Survivors and it started a war that raged on and on and destroyed all the fluffy white rabbits who frolicked happily in the global wasteland.

Major Combatants in the War[edit]

In this war there were two sides.

  • The Survivors
  • The Military Zombies.
  • The Survivors were easily the more equipped side and they were the winning side of the war. They had upwards of 4000 people ready to fight when the war started, and another 20,000 who could step in.
  • The Zombies were breed to be military class and they had tough fighting skills and lots of weapons but they were still severely outnumbered by the Survivors and they got their asses handed to them.

Major Battles[edit]

In this war, smaller skirmishes didn't decide the fate of the war, the larger all out massacres did. The Four Biggest Battles Were-

  • The Stupidest Battle Ever.
  • The Rectum Battle
  • The Bloody Urine Skirmish
  • The fight for The Cure

Stupidest Battle Ever[edit]

In the Stupidest Battle Ever, there isn't much point explaining what happened the name is somewhat self-explanatory. This was the first major battle after the war was official. It was really pointless. All that you could see was zombified people running around in blood-stained pink bunny suits. The Zombie Forces were easily wiped out by the Survivors and their crazed mutant hobos. It was named the Stupidest Battle Ever because the Zombies made the Stupidest Mistake Ever. They came into a battle-field completely unprepared and they got massacred by a bunch of urine-soaked hobos.

Rectum Battle[edit]

In the rectum battle, they fought for The Rectum. It was the most disgusting battle ever, when the Survivors Troops went in they had nice white storm trooper armour and when the battle was over the nice white armor was covered in crap. The Survivor Troops were on patrol, when they discovered a huge rectum coming out of the ground and then they went to probe it and they found Zombie's Everywhere. It turned into a blood bath, there was blood, bullets and poop flying everywhere. Where-ever you looked there was a soldier dead, bleeding or just covered in crap.

Bloody Urine Skirmish[edit]

For the amount of casualties lost, this was the biggest battle. Each Side lost upwards of 40,000 troops. The reason this was called the Bloody Urine Skirmish was because the Survivors had made a toxic gas that makes all your blood and urine flood into your colon and you poop out all your blood and then you fall over dead. They took the gas and loaded it in their Super Anti Zombie Bullets. They went out and used these weapons against the Zombies and they made them poop, pee and bleed into their pans all at once. The Zombies Bleed to death. The Survivors sent out a bunch of soldiers to raid the corpses and take the weapons but the inhaled the gas and died almost instantly. It was a big loss for everyone. The Gas they used was called BUM RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The exclamation marks are part of the name, there are 69)

The Fight for the Cure[edit]

This was the battle that ended the conflict. It all started when Dr.Red-Neck invented the Super Zombie Cure. It was the only way to remove the mutated genes and get rid of the Zombies. The Survivors loaded it into their weapons and went on a killing rampage and forced it upon the Zombies. The Zombies would probably have put up a fight but they were getting it on with Gary Coleman.

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