World Wide Championship Extreme Wrestling Entertainment Federation

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Backstreet boys, and you will... REST... IN... PEACE!”

~ The Undertaker on The WWCEWEF


~ Ken Kennedy on The WWCEWEF

The Why ask elephants crying wrecklessly eating ants?, or WAECWEA was created in 2035, when Vince McMahon and all of his Kin died in a horrible money counting accident. Only Triple H's mind survived. Triple H inherted the company, and the mad scientist Paul Heyman attempted to transfer Triple H's brain into his body, but he needed a partner to help perform the surgery. Heyman chose his good friend Vince Russo, who put some of his creative "genius" into the Duo's company inheriting brain. Vince has been quoted as saying "Glacier, Robocop, and Papa Shango were the shit. Imagine what I could do with millions of dollars. Maybe I could get Steve Urkel to tag with The Undertaker against Hall and Nash."

The WWCEWEF was born. Doink the Clown Ultra defeated the legandary 24 time World Champion Paul London to be crowned WWCEWF Champion on the first night of WWCEWF SmackRAWn! Robot Hulk Hogan won the United Intercontinental States Championship in a fatal four-way underneath the ring against Son of Glacier, PapaBooka Shango (Formly known as Booker T), and Robocop. Steve Urkel and The Undertaker won the WWCEWEF Tag Titles in a Match over a Lava Pit against the remains of Ultimate Warrior (steroid controlled body with no brains) and Chris Benoit (a chair that the real Chris Benoit attempted to wrestle while drunk, Chris Benoit died in 2007 while attempting a flying headbutt off the Statue of Liberty). When asked how he perfomed the feat of a lava pit Russo replied, "Dude it was sweet, we took a bunch of Hulk Hogan's yellow and orange tights and stapled them to midgets heads and made them run around." (Note: The Midgets Aren't People Act of 2012 established by Hilary Clinton allows the mistreatment of midgets) The WWCEWEF has never been stronger and Dave Meltzer predicts that it will be a success upon his death.

One of the most memorable nights in WWCEWEF history was the night the company went bust, live on pay-per-view. In Smark culture, the incidents that unfolded that fateful night are collectively referred to as "The Montreal Blowjob." To cut a long story short, in the main event of April 2001's Wrestlefever pay-per-view, Hulk Hogan was due to bury the career of rising star Jeff Jarrett in a 2-minute "squash" match, winning his 97th WWCEWEF Championship in the process. What actually transpired come showtime, was a little bit of a different story. As the combatants stood in the ring waiting for the bell to ring, WWCEWEF Owner, Chairman, Commissioner and sometime performer Vince Russo made his way to the ring. Russo announced that the much-anticipated botchfest between Hogan and Jarrett would NOT be taking place after all. Russo explained to the puzzled bingo hall crowd that there was "something rotten at the core of WWCEWEF" and that "something" was none other than "that gawd-damned pawlitician Hawlk Hawgan!" Russo fired Hogan with immediate effect and told the angry crowd, or those who hadn't left already, that instead of the advertised main event, they would "dine on a veritable wrestling feast" involving Jarrett, Booker T, a flame thrower and five steel cages stacked on top of one another. According to the handful of eyewitnesses that stayed to watch the match, including wrestling historian Dave Pelzer, the match was a 5-star classic. Unfortunately, it was not enough to stave off the debtors. WWCEWEF died that night, but it lives on the hearts and minds of literally hundreds of fans who used to tune in every so often to enjoy this most American of past-times.

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