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Peace on earth has yet to be achieved. You can help Uncyclopedia by achieving world peace and writing an article about how you did it.

“World Peace cannon exist as long as things exist to disturb Peace. Therefore the only way to have Peace is to destroy everything. At least that's what Perfect Mega says.”

~ Oscar Wilde on world peace

“World peace? Sounds dangerous. Can you eat it?”

~ George Dubya Bush on world peace

World Peace (World piece) is commonly understood to be a misspelling of the anticipated remaining part of the globe after The war on Terra reaches its conclusion. The plan is for this remaining one metre square patch of reclaimed land from a pit toilet in outer Mongolia to be encased in carbonite and preserved as a memorial for future alien visitors to the planet.

This plan to preserve a small patch of land is not without its enemies and there is a constant battle to allow this memorial dirt to be included as a valid target by the architects of The War on Terra as it is argued that terrorists and ninji may be lurking just under the surface.


World Peace was first declared by Robots after conditionless surrender of IEEE forces effectively terminating the IEEE World War of 1907 to 1910. Following a period of ridicule by early drinkers for its radical vegetarian ways, the world peace settled into a quiet life as a public urinal until it gained notoriety in the local papers as a popular hang out for gays and catholic priests alike.

How to achieve world Peace[edit]

Sit and stare at a wall. The best form of therapy without paying interest, of any sort. When you die, ýou'll win the Novel Peace Prize. or kill everything and then there will be peaces of stuff.


Get someone else to do it for you.

Mortal Enemies[edit]

The following groups do not believe in setting aside World Peace:


  • World peace is very different form, and should not be confused with peace.