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91 LOL Cats
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85 Non-existent Words
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27 Ways to Fight a Man
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24 Ways to Fight a Platypus
23 Ways to Fight a Queen
22 Ways to Fight a Snake
21 Ways to Fight a Turtle
20 Ways to Fight a Vampire
19 Ways to Fight a Werewolf
18 Ways to Fight an African Elephant
17 Ways to Fight an Alligator
16 Ways to Fight an Asian Elephant
15 Ways to Fight an Iguana
14 Ways to Fight an Ox
13 Ways to Fight an Ugly Animal
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11 Ways to Get a Girlfriend
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1 Zebras


100. The Original LOL Cat

Original LOL cat.jpg

Is even older than Happy cat, predating bad grammar.

99. Happy Cat

Happy cat.jpg

Iz old meme. And no, himz can has no cheezburger!

98. Hot Cat


Iz excuse 2 put a sexy pussy pic in artikel

97. Overused Orange Cat

Orange Kitten.jpg

Iz cute, but way over-used. (And over-huffed.)

96. Dead Cat

Dead cat.jpg

Iz really only playin' ded...rite?

95. Drunk Cat

Drunk cat.jpg

Haz ded hooker in trunk.

94. Easily Swayed Cat

Racist cat.jpg

Is now racist.

93. Super Cute Pirate Cat

Pirate cat.jpg

Iz in yur high seaz, pillaging yur ships, hookin' your booty.

92. LOL cat


Drank way to much, laughed too hard, and is about to spew.

91. Caturday Cat


Iz high.


90. Literacy Cat


Kan spel "you're" reel goood.

89. Long Cat


Likes when you flyz him around to playz "Super Man".

88. Short Cat

Short cat2.jpg

Haz had too much plaztic surgery.

87. Serious Cat

Serious Cat.jpg

Iz seriously fucking serious.

86. Smelly Cat


Hates the fucking dryer!!!

85. Dune Cat

Cat-dunecat-lg (200 x 200).jpg

Iz in ur houz, referenzin ur obscure Sci-Fi.

84. Fail Cat


Should have picked cheddar.

83. Internet Addict Cat


Also needs moar ears.

82. Hamster Cat's ...

Hamster cat.jpg

... mother waz a hamster. (Father smelledz of elderberriez.)

81. Violin Cat

Violin cat.jpg

Plays a mean invisible lead guitar too.


80. Invisible Everything Cat


Haz better stuffz than U.

79. Spoon Cat

Spoon Attack.jpg

Iz fightin teh coke habit.

78. Hooray Cat


Iz reachz 4 wordz upz ther.

77. Scared-y cat


Hadz himz testiclez nawed off by a mouze.

76. War Cat


Wantz rubz.

75. Better than you cat


Iz smug cause shez betterz than you.

74. Admin Cat


HA! In your face's face!

73. Soulless Cat ...


... can now run for political office.

72. Soviet Cat


Oh Noes! Computerz user iz naked! EYE BLEECHES PLEAZE!!!!

71. Lazy Cat


Livez in Amerika.


70. Existential Cat

Existential cat.jpg

Or iz moonin you; whatever.

69. Pussy in Carpet Cat


Needs halp avoiding lezbian joke.

68. Basket Cat


Is actually going to Walmart; not Hell.

67. Mop Cat

Mop cat.jpg

Takez any job she can get in this economiez.

66. Healer Cat

Healer cat.jpg

Also does exorcizms.

65. Inspector Cat

Inspector cat.jpg

Iz in yur house, chekin yur wallz for crack.

64. Superconductor Cat

Superconductor cat.jpg

Haz no electrical resistancez.

63. Allergy Cat

Allergy cat.jpg

Iz sad to sayz to you, "In Soviet Russia, cats are allergic to YOU!"

62. American cat


Ate all teh other countyz Cats not on here.

61. Asian Cat


Is suprized!.


60. Native American Cat

Hay guise.jpg

Iz being forced off hiz landz by Pilgrim Cat.

59. Negro Cat


Lieks watermelonz, fried chickenz and rap muzicz.

58. Cathulhu


Also lieks watermelonz, fried chickenz and rap muzicz.

57. Jabba Cat

Jabba cat.jpg

Haz a mouze in a gold bikiniz.

56. Empire Cat


Iz afraidz of Wookies!

55. Dress Up Cat

Ewok cat.jpg

Is five secondz away from homizidal rampagez!

54. Godfather Cat


... but on this day of hiz daughterz weddingz he can not refuze.

53. Scientology Cat


Will not be saved by Xenu; but instead copy and pasted.

52. Pope Cat

Pope cat.jpg

Haz a funny hat!.

51. Jew Cat


Iz in yur bank, taken yur interestz.


50. Observant Jew Cat

Jew cat.jpg

Playz golf on Caturday.

49. Monopoly Cat

Monopoly cat.jpg

Cheetz the bank.

48. Nosfercatu Cat


Loves flowerz.

47. Heterochromia Cat

Heterochromia Cat.jpg

Carried teh virus off England.

46. Illegal Alien Cat


Iz in ur country, steelin ur jobz.

45. Kitler


Iz in yur Ghetto, pwning yur Mewz.

44. Biznis Cat


Stole your retirement moniez.

43. Supermarket Cat


Iz tired of telling you this shit every time you buy stuffz.

42. Undead Cat

Vampire cat.jpg

Iz defeated by sunlight.

41. Pizza Cat


Ordered pizzaz with your credit cardz.


40. Invisible Sandwich Cat


In fact does not have a sandwich. Pleaze lock your drugz up from now on.

39. Hungry Ironic Cat

Lolcat nomming.jpg

Noms teh hand dat feez himz.

38. Sneeky Cat


Iz in yur medicine cabinet, numming yur pills.

37. Secret Ingredient Cat


Will foolz your dinner guestz.

36. Cheezburger Cat


Iz a damned liar! Az a matter of fact iz cheezburger!

35. Birthday Cat


Iz an ungrateful baztard!

34. Pringles Cat

Too prosh.jpg

Iz being subjected to animal abuse.

33. Welfare Cat



32. Preppy Cat


Is halucinatinz.

32. House Cleaner Cat


Enjoyz the job perkz.

31. Anti-gravity Cat

Fuck gravity.jpg

Iz happy about profanity.


30. Reverse Gravity Cat


Is also halucinatinz.

29. Schodinger's Cat

Schrodingers LOL CAT.jpg

Watchez porn while unobserved.

28. Jedi Cat

Teh Force.jpg

Iz drunk off champagne and whip-its again.

27. Angsty Noob Cat


Iz voting against your articlez on VFH without leaving meaningful commentz.

26. Template:U Cat


Iz not a real doctor, or a real cat. But doez thump skullz.

25. Laser Eye Surgery Cat

Laser Eye Cat.jpg

Haz supa laza eyes nou.

24. WTF cat

Funny wtf cat.jpg

Iz readingz illogicopedia right nowz.

23. Lion Cat


Will killz you in your sleep.

22. Naïf Cat


No longer considerz you to be in hiz bubble of trust.

21. Stay Puffed Cat

Miserable cat.jpg

Will destroyz your Ghoastbusterz after itz bath.


20. What?!? Cat

Do not want cat.jpg

Doezn't want anything to do with your mom. Quit pimping her.

19. Chinese Cat


Iz stealin yur dataz.

18. Thief Cat


Iz black, unsurprisingly.

17. Ex-girlfriend Cat

Cat voices.jpg

Just called to say "Hi."

16. Internet Cat

Sleeping Cat.png

Likes computerz.

15. Ringleader Cat

Send the monies.jpg

Wantz the moniez in small unmarked billz.

14. Monster Cat


Iz in yur chuch, nomming yur congregationz. Wherez your God now?

13. Feelz Good Kitty Cat


May give you the H1N1 viruz.

12. Raepist Cat


Az Seen on Americaz Most Wanted.

11. Anal Sex Cat


Knowz what you like.


10. Surprise Sex Cat


Iz the bests moneiz you evah spent.

9. Teenage Cat


Wastes your moniez and time.

8. Homeschooled Cat


Haz no friendz.

7. Chilli Cookoff Cat


Iz inbred redneck.

6. Ceiling Cat

Yikers ceiling cat1.jpg

Watches you masturbate while also masturbating.

5. Russian Cat

Masturbation cat.jpg

In Soviet Russia, YOU watch Cats masturbate.

4. Voyeur Cat.com


Iz makin moniez!.

3.. Fetish Cat


Shouldza hav used lubez.

2. Pussy Cats

Bottom cat.jpg

Do NOT make one transgendered.

And the Number 1 Worst LOL Cats![edit]

1. Pregnancy Fetish Cat


Iz worstest lolcat possibel! (If u haz a worster one, ad plz.)

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Unhonorable Mentunz[edit]

Failure Cat

Fail cat.jpg

Failz to maek list, Oh Noes!