Worst 100 People of All Time

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100 April Fools Jokes
99 Colours
98 Creatures to have sex with
97 Firefox extensions
96 Foods
95 Gifts to give a friend
94 Harry Potter Spin-offs
93 Inventions
92 Locations
91 LOL Cats
90 Make Out Songs
89 Moments to get a Boner
88 Moments to Laugh
87 Money Making Schemes
86 Movies
85 Non-existent Words
84 Non-Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
83 Nutty Conspiracy Theories
82 Overused Star Trek Episode Plots
81 Pick-up lines
80 Pokemon Cash-Ins
79 Porn Stars
78 Quick Detections that an Uncyclopedia page sucks
77 Reasons to become a Christian
76 Reflections on 2005
75 Reflections on 2006
74 Reflections on 2007
73 Reflections on 2008
72 Reflections on 2009
71 Reflections on 2010
70 Reflections on 2011
69 Reflections on 2012
68 Rejected Harry Potter Novels
67 Remakes
66 Restaurants
65 Self Help Books
64 Sequels
63 Sexual Perversions
62 Short Poems
61 Sitcom Catchphrases
60 Songs
59 Songs about Seagulling
58 Songs Referencing Paedophilia
57 Songs To Have Sex To
56 Songs To Play At A Funeral
55 Spinoffs
54 Superheroes
53 Things About the '00s
52 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do
51 Things to do during Christmas
50 Things to Put In An IV
49 Things To Say In Court
48 Things to Say in the Workplace
47 Things to say on a First Date
46 Toys
45 TV Programs
44 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes
43 Video Games of all time‎
42 Video Game Movies
41 Video Game Systems
40 Ways of Being a Dick
39 Ways To Be Castrated
38 Ways to be Circumcized
37 Ways to Deliver Bad News
36 Ways to Die
35 Ways to Exercise
34 Ways to Fight a Crocodile
33 Ways to Fight a Dolphin
32 Ways to Fight a Duck
31 Ways to Fight a Frog
30 Ways to Fight a Jellyfish
29 Ways to Fight a Kangaroo
28 Ways to Fight a Lemur
27 Ways to Fight a Man
26 Ways to Fight a Penguin
25 Ways to Fight a Pirate
24 Ways to Fight a Platypus
23 Ways to Fight a Queen
22 Ways to Fight a Snake
21 Ways to Fight a Turtle
20 Ways to Fight a Vampire
19 Ways to Fight a Werewolf
18 Ways to Fight an African Elephant
17 Ways to Fight an Alligator
16 Ways to Fight an Asian Elephant
15 Ways to Fight an Iguana
14 Ways to Fight an Ox
13 Ways to Fight an Ugly Animal
12 Ways to Get a Boyfriend
11 Ways to Get a Girlfriend
10 Ways to Hack a Computer
9 Ways to Kill Sarah Connor
8 Ways to Start a Novel
7 Ways to Win an Argument
6 Weapons
5 Werewolves
4 Worlds of Fiction
3 Xylophones
2 Yaks
1 Zebras

This page sucks and should be Happy-Slapped into shape.

1,000,000,000,000. Oldsy 
is a fag
1338. Wolf8874 
Writes mean things about me :(
1337. N00bs 
84. Shad0vvs 
motherfucker. litterally NOT!
83. Andre 3000
Rapper. His golddigging persona is exemplified in Class of 3000, which is a show about 3000 kids bloodthirsty for music and teaches them to use it to kill people.
82. That Guy
He is just a This Guy wannabe! How pathetic can you get?!?
80 Oprah
She doesn't need a reason.
79. Dog the Bounty Hunter 
He isn't a dog!
78. This Guy
I'm a Kitten Huffing addict now. Thank you This Guy. Thank you.
No comment.
76. David Letterman 
Looks like a mixture between rabbit, human, and a NOT FUNNY guy! His jokes are exactly like listening to the news but in the end you say something that makes the audience think they're suppose laugh and do because of that big sign that says LAUGH AND CLAP NOW. Example:

“Well there was an massacre in Afganistan today, and the president of Canada apologized for the losses of his brothers sons...he wishes...hehehehe.”

76. Paris Hilton 
A whore that everybody has intercourse but you.
75. Bob 
He sucks.
74. Creator of Zork 
Restart, Restore, or Quit?
73. Soulja Boy 
What the hell? Supersoak that hoe?
57. Jack Thompson 
Do I need to explain? This guy just needs to be kicked in the balls. If he has any.
56. Buckethead
He has a bucket on his head! To make it worse, it a KFC bucket!
51. Steve Da Costa
Too many acid flavored condoms!!!!
50. The entire nation of USA
40. You 
Fuck You!
37. That black guy that invented Ebonics 
Why, God, WHY?!?
36. Martin Van Buren
I want my $20 back.
35. Peter Griffin 
He's a rip-off of Homer Simpson, and he makes too few fart jokes...
34. MySpace Tom
I don't want to be your friend! No one does! Get over it you bitch!
33. Creator of Uncyclopedia 
Personally responsible for thousands of morons (YOU INCLUDED) that waste their precious valuable time reading and editing useless information. (I hope this doesn't get me banned...)
32. (Chuck Norris) edited this one
31. Sylvia Browne 
Fraud! You, along with all of those others psychics, are fucking liars! Y'all need to be shot.
30. Germaine Greer 
The feminists won, so just shut the fuck up!
29. Rupert Murdoch 
He owns Fox network for peats sake, HE OWNS FOX!!
28. Mel Gibson 
Although he is a Nazi, he's also a drink driver.
25. (Black) Michael Jackson 
A long-haired Black man with a high-pitched voice in leather pants gyrating? Thanks, but no thanks.
23. Monica Lewinsky 
First rule of being a presidential hoe, DON'T SUCK AND TELL!!
22. Wolf Blitzer 
That is NOT his real name!!!! HE IS A BIG FAT LIAR! He was born Johnathan Norris. He was so ashamed by his boring name he killed an entire herd of albino giraffes and 3 male zebras.
21. Black Santa 
This guy always takes my presents!
20. Willy on wheels! 
How dare he make a mockery of the undisputable fountain of knowledge that is Wikipedia?!
16. Creator of Wikipedia 
Bad uncyclopedia rip off.
15. Shakespeare 
We can´t take romeu and juliette any longer!!
14. Your dad 
He sucks almost as much as your mom!
13. Stephen Crane 
Okay, so maybe some people haven't heard of him. But have you read "The Red Badge of Courage"? God help the person who's forced to read that piece of vain, hypocritical, oddly worded shit.
12. That Bitch 
It's either she won't answer her phone or one of her family members answer and tell me she is busy. If she does answer, she tells me she is too busy to talk. Yeah right Bitch! She doesn't even ever call me! She claims her phone can't call mine. Bull-fuckin'-shit! If you don't want to talk to me, just say it you bitch! That Bitch won't even hug me, walk with me, or even say hi to me anymore! Fuck That Bitch! Fuck her to hell!
11. Karl Marx 
If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have the Commies! And who in fuck's name spells Carl with a K?!?
10. Jack Thompson 
Don't fuck with us gamers! Quit! I mean it!
9. Adolf Hitler 
The guy (supposedly) killed millions of Jews. I mean c'mon. Lousy dresser too.
8. Meatloaf 
He had the best name but the WORST music!
7. Your Mom 
She isn't as hot as you think she is.
6. Dick Cheney
Okay, whoever calls themselves "Dick" must be insecure about something... I'm just saying... Also, this prick has the Secret Service following me because I said that I wished one of thoses heart attacks had killed him!
5. (White) Michael Jackson 
The Man sold his soul to the devil so he could make songs. But he just LOVES children! Anybody up for a sleepover?
4. Everyone who produced, wrote, and financed the movie "Ben Hur." 
People lose 4 hours of their lives watching that crap-fest.
3. Superman
"OOOH! Look at me! I am super-powerful so I think I have the right to do whatever-the-hell I want!" And to make it worst, no one realizes how big of an asswipe he is...
2. Oscar Wilde
He wasn't all that great...all he made were a few British plays which aren't even funny...
1. George Dubya Bush
Where should I begin...
Ω. You
0. Al Gore
It is his fault. He gave up in 2000 and now look where we are at. We have Bush. Thanks Gore, you fuckin' whore. Hehehe... Gore whore... That rhymed. Hehehe...

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